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Joy of Moving Home School Festival

Joy of Moving Home School Festival 1

Joy of Moving Home School Festival Activity Booklet

The Joy of Moving Home School Festival - Support required for younger children.


The Joy of Moving Home School Festival has been devised, and supported by the EFL Trust, a charity that supports football in the English Football League. 

Joy of Moving is an unbranded CSR programme designed to inspire active lifestyles in children. Its aim is to teach children how to enjoy moving through play, and to help them develop positive habits for adulthood


This pack has been designed for you and your family to have an afternoon of fun, with different games and activities to choose from. You won’t need much equipment and there is an activity at the start that helps you find and collect useful things!

How does it all work?


For the Joy of Moving Games you will be given three possible activities per game:

• Option A is an individual game that you can play on your own.

• Option B and C are more group-based  for you to enjoy with the people you live with. (Parents: you can find more information about these games  on the Joy of Moving website

For the lifestyle activities:

• Options A or B help you understand why physical activity and time for reflection is good for you.

Good luck, get playing, and most importantly – HAVE FUN! 

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Zumba Kids with Alex



Alex Robb has been running an adult's Zumba class in the school hall for the past year. During the lockdown period she has widened this to include a Zumba Kids class that she runs online via Facebook called Zumba Kids with Alex. Classes run virtually every Saturday morning at 11.00am for around an hour with dancing, music and games.


Please 'like' Alex's page or phone her on 07915 631276 for more details.

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