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Home learning for children isolating due to COVID 19


I hope you are feeling safe and well at home. If you are well enough, I have uploaded some work below.

Please do not feel pressured to finish all of the work. Do what you can and what your are feeling up to.


Learning to learn: The grid is below. Please feel free to choose one or more of the tasks to work on as a project.


Maths: White Rose video and worksheets linked to work we have been doing in class on negative numbers, rounding and addition/subtraction.


English: I have uploaded chapter 5 of our class text. We will begin to draft a reply from Grandad (Ezra Wilkinson) to the letter sent by Selim Hanawati. I will upload the instructions on how to go about this below.


I have uploaded this week's spelling and resources. You know how to sound and syllable the words, and the reasoning sheets are there for you to check you are correct.



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