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Langar Church of England Primary School

Reception Starter Information

Thank you for coming to our Teddy Bears picnic, it was so lovely to meet the children starting in September and to meet you.


We hope you have fun creating your 'All about me' box' and choosing 5 things to put inside.  Please bring this to school on your child's first day at school along with their all about me sheet. We will enjoy sharing the boxes in class.



Please note your child will start school on Thursday 7th September for a shortened day 8.50am - 12.45pm and Friday 8th September is also a shortened day.

They will be full time on Monday 11th September (8.50am - 3.20pm)

Mrs Richardson - Class Teacher                           Mrs Brown - Head Teacher

Mrs Petchell - HLTA

We are delighted that your child is joining our school.  This page will provide the information that you need to support your child in the early stages of their school life. For further information about our school - such as the curriculum, timings, calendar events etc - please explore the website. 


Please note the structure of the Class in September 2023 will be Reception and Year 1. Due to a low birth rate year county and country wide, we have 8 children starting in Reception.  Therefore in September, Class 1 will be a cohort of 25 children. (8 Reception and 17 Year 1's).


The staff in school will build and develop the learning that has taken place in your child’s vital pre-school years.  We look forward to working together to make your child’s first years at primary school a happy and rewarding experience.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have.


If you need to contact school please use the contacts below:



Office and answer phone – 01949 860056


Mrs Richardson -  

School Uniform


Children must wear black school shoes.


Boys:  grey trousers or grey shorts in the summer, white polo shirt or white shirt and grey socks. 


Girls:  grey skirts or trousers, grey pinafore dress or a blue and white checked summer dress and white polo shirt or white shirt and grey, white/ grey socks or white/grey/blue tights.


A variety of clothes with our school logo on can be purchased through the school website. Please note you do not have to purchase uniform with our school logo on.


Please ensure all clothing and footwear is clearly labelled.  It is also really helpful if you show your child where their name is so that they can become independent in finding their own items (please use sew-in or sticky name labels and they are more durable than writing with in as it washes off).


In the summer months please ensure you send your child to school with a sun hat and an application of sun cream.  The one application a day is ideal!



Wellingtons - We also ask for you to provide a pair of wellingtons that will be kept at school to be worn in our outdoor area.  The outdoor environment for learning and play is so important that we go out no matter what the weather.  We have waterproof coats for your child to wear.

Spare Clothes – please ensure your child has a bag of spare clothes to be kept in school on their peg.  A drawstring bag is ideal.


In the summer months please ensure you send your child to school with a sun hat and an application of sun cream.  The one application a day is ideal!

School ruck sack

A ruck sack is available to buy from our uniform suppliers - Price and Buckland. You will find their details here Uniform Information | Langar C of E Primary School ( 


Your child will bring home reading books to share with you, and a reading diary for you to write in to note when you have listened to them read.  Please ensure their reading books are in their ruck sack everyday.  Their ruck sack needs to be brought to school with them everyday so books can be changed, and letters can be taken home safely. 


Physical Education

We do PE weekly.  You will be notified when your child starts in September of their PE days.

Please note your child will come to school wearing their PE kit on their PE day.


PE kit: Blue shorts and yellow logo t-shirt (ordered from our supplier via the school website)  During the spring and summer months we take the children outdoors for P.E. They will need trainers, a jumper and pair of jogging bottoms.



School Milk

All schools are now part of the ‘Cool Milk Scheme’ which as a parent you are responsible for registering, ordering and paying for your child’s milk.  Once registered your child will be able to have free milk until their fifth birthday but if you do not register milk will not be provided at any point.  Please see enclosed leaflet or visit the website


If you are unemployed or are in receipt of tax credits, please contact the school office as the school may be eligible for additional funding support called Pupil Premium. By registering, you will provide extra funding to school to help learning.



Water is really important for learning and we encourage children to drink water regularly during the school day. Please send your child to school with their drinks bottle everyday clearly labelled.  Please ensure your child takes their drink bottle home with them every night, so it can be washed, and refilled, and brought to school the next day.  However please do not put it in their ruck sack, just in case it leaks.



We are part of the National Fruit Scheme, so every child is offered a free piece of fruit daily which continues into Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2).  This is eaten with water or milk before morning playtime, and we do encourage them to try the fruit.




We have a dinner playtime at 11.30 - 12pm. Playtime is a great social experience and lots of activities are available.


Due to school policy the small climbing frame for children under 8, and the large Nexus climbing frame (at the top of the field for children over 8) is closed to children under the age of 8 during school time.  However, after school, parents and carers can make the decision whether to allow your child to use the large climbing frame under your supervision.


Trim Trail and small equipment such as bats and balls, hoops, skipping ropes and balance boards.


Dinner Time is 12 - 12.30pm

Children in Reception are all eligible for a free school meal.  However if you would prefer your child to have sandwiches please provide them with a packed lunch.  Please ensure that lunch boxes are clearly named.  We are a healthy school and therefore request that lunchboxes DO NOT contain fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets.  Also we are a nut free school due to some children in school having allergies.  Please include any cutlery your child may need to eat their lunch, such as a spoon for a yoghurt.  All children will eat their lunch in the hall where they will be looked after by a midday supervisor.  We say a prayer before we eat dinner.  


After eating their lunch the class teacher collects the children from the hall and takes them back to their classroom.



The cloakrooms are situated in the corridoor outside class 1.  Your child will have their own coat peg clearly marked with their name and photograph.  They will hang their spare clothes bag and coat on their peg and put their ruck sack on the floor under their peg.



There are three toilets and sinks situated between Class 1 and Class 2.  Your child is able to access the toilet at any time during the school day.  It is hoped they are able to go to the toilet themselves and know to wash their hands with soap and water.



In the Foundation Stage staff are able to administer medicine to your child which is prescribed by a doctor or issued by a pharmacist. All medicines must have a named pharmacy label.  There is a form that you must fill out detailing dosage and time.  We can also administer non-prescribed medicine (eg calpol).  Again there is a form for you to fill out.



If your child is taken ill during the day we will make every effort to contact you or your named contact.  Please keep us informed of any changes in contact numbers.  Please phone the school office before the start of school to notify us that your child is absent. If you are unsure please seek medical advice as to whether or not your child should attend school.  If your child is absent from school and we have not received a phone call by 9.10am, school will make contact to check your child’s reason for being absent.


Please remember that children should remain off school for 48 hours after the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea – this ensures the bug is not passed on to other children/staff.


First Aid

In school, health and safety is high priority.  However there are occasions when children in the course of their play, will trip or fall and bump into one another.  For minor injuries such as small cuts and grazes the injury will be attended by a First Aider in the school. 


An injury note will be filled in and shown to you at the end of the school day informing you of the nature of the injury and how it was treated which you will be asked to sign.  If your child is at after school club a member of their staff will sign it and a copy will be sent home in your child’s book bag.  If a child’s injury is more serious we will contact you immediately.

Learning Journey File

Your child will have their own Learning Journey file.  It includes photographs, observation notes, and any significant pieces of work showing their progress.  The work they carry out can be practical and written.  Any written work goes into subject books, and can be looked at during our connet and relfect afternoons throughout the year.  We do ask for your contribution to these journeys and there is a ‘WOW’ box in the classroom for you to put notes/photographs in to inform us of your child’s achievements and any ‘wow’ moments they have out of school.  You can also email any achievements to 



This is an online platform where your child's achievments are emailed to you.



Managing Behaviour

Our behaviour policy is linked to our six school values of taking Care, love, respect, thoughtfulness, fairness and grattitude.  If a child is not showing our values they have three verbal warnings given to them.  If after three warnings their behaviour has not changed, their name is removed from our ‘value marbles’ wall.  Once their behaviour upholds our values again their name is then displayed on the ‘value marbles’ wall. (for more information please visit our school website and policies section)


Staff will share with you any inappropriate behaviour.


Collective Worship/School Prayer

As a Church of England school, children take part in daily Collective Worship in the hall or classroom.  


At the end of the day we say our school prayer together.  You can help you child to learn it:


Lord bless our school, so that by working together and playing together, we may learn to serve you and love one another.  Amen.


Parents and School

Starting school is a big milestone in a child’s life and we need to work together to make it a pleasurable experience.  We believe it is very important to have a close link between parents and School in order to create the best learning conditions for our children.  Please ensure your child has their reading book, diary and ruck sack bag in school everyday and check your child’s book bag daily as letters will be sent home regularly.  Please also check class 1’s page on the school website on a regular basis to read our weekly newsletter.


If there are any problems that need to be discussed, please see the class teacher.  You can contact Mrs Richardson via email at or speak to her personally after school.


Our aim is for school and home to work as a partnership.

Here are some photographs of our classroom and outdoor area.

Reception Curriculum Booklet