School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Langar Church of England Primary School

Class 4

Last Outdoor Learning - Boooooo!!!!


Working in teams of eight the children designed an assault course on the football field - the objective was to keep dry - given the weather we were all unsuccessful as we were all wet through!  The assault course was performed whilst carrying water!!


Mrs George, Mrs Lark and Mr Hall



Enrichment - 9.12.20


We have finished our Christmas decorations - yay!  We hope you like them.  Here are a few pictures of the completed structures.  Great job Class 4.


Mrs George, Mrs Lark and Mr Hall

DARE Role plays 1

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DARE Role plays - 2

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Signs of stress

DARE Role plays - 3

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Drug awareness

DARE Role plays - 4

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DARE Role plays - 5

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Hate Crimes

DARE Role plays - 6

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DARE Role plays - 7

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Knife Crime

DARE Role plays - 8

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Interview techniques

DARE Role plays - 9

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DARE Role plays - 10

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Support Networks

Outdoor Learning - 02.12.20


Today we were busy making Christmas decorations which will take a couple of weeks to complete.  Once again problem solving was at the heart of the task.   It was fair to say that we think the children even surprised themselves with how the week 1 finished structure looked!  Great job everyone!


Mrs George, Mrs Lark and Mr Hall

Outdoor Learning - 25.11.20


This week the class was given the task to find as many colour leaves as they could from one tree, hopefully tracking its changes through the autumn season.


The children were then asked to draw the leaves in their Art books, using their own chosen media.  Drawing a leaf was a challenge to get the shape and detailing as accurate as possible but everyone had a really productive afternoon.


Mrs Lark, Mrs George and Mr Hall



Lets go fly a kite ….. Enrichment 18.11.20


Class 4 have been putting their design and technology skills to the test this afternoon by building a kite.    We looked at the shape, its design and size to see if we could make the perfect flying kite!


We were then able to fly them on the field to test the stability of them.  A great afternoon.


Mrs George, Mrs Lark and Mr Hall

Enrichment - 11.11.20


What an afternoon - we had a Scavenger Hunt around the school grounds!  It was a hive of activity!    Please ask your child how the afternoon was - it was timed and had a lovely French theme running through it!  We think the children will be rather tired tonight!!


Mrs George, Mrs Lark and Mr Hall


How are our photos developing?

Enrichment is back!!


Last week Class 4 returned to Outdoor Learning - yay!  We had a great afternoon - photographing images around the school in the hope that we would be able to "extend" the image in our Art book.  We think we have some budding photographers! 


Mrs George, Mrs Lark and Mr Hall



Our images from around school ...

Year 6 Memories

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We filmed ourselves talking about some of our memorable moments from our time at Langar. There were so many to choose from but we enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


We are welcoming some of the children back to school next week, but some are still to be at home.  On the Well-Being page there are some resources which may help the children if they are feeling anxious.  Please do browse and see if there is anything which may be useful to your situation.

Dear Class 4


I thought you might like to have a go at the ELSA Support Wellbeing Calendar for June.  Each activity promotes a sense of wellbeing.  I do hope you enjoy them.  I hope you are all well.   Mrs George smiley

Arithmetic warm up activities