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Langar Church of England Primary School

Class 4


We are welcoming some of the children back to school next week, but some are still to be at home.  On the Well-Being page there are some resources which may help the children if they are feeling anxious.  Please do browse and see if there is anything which may be useful to your situation.

Dear Class 4


I thought you might like to have a go at the ELSA Support Wellbeing Calendar for June.  Each activity promotes a sense of wellbeing.  I do hope you enjoy them.  I hope you are all well.   Mrs George smiley

Exciting news!!


Hi everyone. I am pleased to see that you have settled back into your routines of online learning. I have already received some wonderful examples of the work and activities you have been doing this week, and have uploaded a selection to the sharing page on the website; go and check it out!


The exciting news is that next week, Mrs Nicholson and I will be altering the online maths activities we are setting. As well as the Purple Mash, TT Rockstars and fluency facts that you already have available. we will be choosing an online lesson for you to take part in. 


There are a good range of quality online lessons available from the BBC and White Rose Maths, The Oak National Academy, and also the NCETM (keep you eye out for a series of videos I have been involved in!) From these, Mrs Nicholson will select ones for year 5, and I will select one from year 6, along with the work the follows on from the lesson.


These will form part of the weekly timetable available on the school website as normal on a Monday. Further to this, on a Wednesday, we are going to allocate a 40 minute slot on Zoom where the children can log in and ask us questions based on the maths work that has been set. Mrs Nicholson will be in charge of the year 5 meeting, and I will be in charge of the year 6 one.


Mrs Brown will be emailing the link to the Zoom meetings individually, along with guidance on what the session is and is not for.


We are really excited to be able to catch up and see your faces!


Hopefully I will see you next week!


Stay safe,


Mr Owen-Jones 

Summer Term...


Welcome to the Summer term! 


In these unusual times, I hope you all managed to have a fun Easter break.


I am just writing a small note for you to let you know I am still here and will still be providing ideas for activities and lessons to do to keep your brain working whilst you are at home. The activities are similar to ones we would be doing if we were still in school, so please try to do as many as you can and make sure they are to my standard!


Mrs Brown and I have asked your parents to send a quick email at the end of each week to let us know how you are doing and which activities you have enjoyed. Your parents can also share the work you have done with me and I will upload it to the website, or, you can upload it yourself on the class blog on Purple Mash.


Finally, I wanted to draw your attention to some new resources. On the home learning and resources links section, I have created hyperlinks to the BBC Bitesize and NCETM websites.

These are both excellent resources for maths work, and I have signposted you to them on the weekly timetable. The NCETM are the people who trained me in Teaching for Mastery, so please have a look at their lessons.


Mr Dargue, Mrs Brown's talented father, has spend a lot of time creating a website about the history of Langar. There is a link to this on the resource page too. Check it out and get exploring because there is a quiz linked to this week's lessons!


I look forward to hearing from your parents at the end of the week and seeing all your hard work (especially the floating Toys; you will understand when you see the timetable this week!)


Take care


Mr Owen-Jones

Easter Break


Hi everyone! 


I hope everyone is staying at home and being safe!


I have enjoyed keeping up to date with you all via Purple Mash and our blogs. It is so nice to see you all interacting with each other, and setting each other fun quizzes and challenges to do. Please remember that there are 2Do tasks set, so if you log in to chat, please have a go at the tasks as well!


If you are preferring to spend your learning time at home doing things away from technology and screens, that is awesome too. Can I ask you to get your parents to email me a weekly update ( as to what you have been doing and ideally, send some pictures of your achievements - I would love to upload them onto the class page!


As it is technically Easter holidays starting today, I suggest you do take a break from online learning tasks. Mrs Brown has put links to some fun activities to do on the home learning page of the website so go and have a look for some inspiration if you need it.


I will resume posting weekly timetables, spellings, and purple mash tasks after the Easter break. Until then, take care and stay safe!


Mr Owen-Jones


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