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Newsletters and notes for Parents

Enrichment - 30.03.22


We had a lovely afternoon we continued to use the skateboards and bikes that had been brought it for the Class 1 treat.


Wow what skills the children had on their two or three wheels!


We cannot believe how quickly this half term has gone.  Once again thank you for your support and encouragement.


Mrs George and Mr Hall


Enrichment - 23.03.22


Sorry for the late update!


We were able to have lovely day in the sun - rather than wrap up we had to take layers off!  We were drawing around ourselves today with chalk and finding objects to decorate from outside.


It did look like a crime scene on the playground in the end!


Mrs George and Mr Hall 

Enrichment - 17.03.22


This week we went on a scavenger hunt. 


Class 1 children were asked to find things from the outdoors that were either short, long, smooth and rough.   We found lots of things from sticks bigger than the children to items that were red in colour!


The children really enjoyed being able to run and explore our school grounds.


Mrs George and Mr Hall

Enrichment - 09.03.22


"Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height" - and we did!!


The children had a breezy afternoon making and flying kites - we made the most of the afternoon and enjoyed watching our kites soar in the wind.


Again thank you for your continued support as your children get more out of outdoor learning if they are wearing the correct clothing.


Mrs George & Mr Hall



Enrichment - 02.03.22


As it is World Book Day this week we started our afternoon by sharing our favourite book  - We're going on a Bear Hunt.  The children knew the story and we had fun reading it together and making the sounds.


To celebrate this special day we wanted to make our own stories to share.  The first job was to find a great stick and then start thinking about a story they would like to tell or retell.  Every time the children introduced a new character or plot change they attached a piece of material from outside to remind them to say it when we all shared our stories with each other at the end of the afternoon.  


It was a wonderful way to enjoy the wet and rainy afternoon!


Mrs George and Mr Hall 


Enrichment 23.2.22


Yay we made it outside and the sun was shining!


We have never seen children so excited to go and put their outdoor learning clothing on,  they looked wonderful in their super old leggings, puddle suits and wellie boots.  Thank you so much for supporting us with clothing it means we can explore the outside - never mind the weather.


Today we were able to do some hula hooping - our hands really made a difference in keeping the hoop up!  In addition we did some cloud watching - laying on the ground and seeing if we could find shapes and objects in the clouds passing by. 


We are all ready looking forward to next week.


Mrs George and Mr Hall


Spring Term 2022 

This term our focus is 'Explore'.  For the first half term our topic is Cold and Hot Places and the second half term is 'Journeys'. 


On a Wednesday our Enrichment Activity is Outdoor Learning with Mrs George and Mr Hall.  Please ensure your child brings their wellies and a spare pair of joggers/leggings and a waterproof coat as they will go outside no matter what the weather.


On a Friday it is our P.E day so please ensure your child comes to school wearing their P.E kit.