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Let's talk about ADHD

This animation discusses what it means to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It was co-produced by children with ADHD, their families and carers, and health professionals in the field. It is based on research evidence as well as ideas from children and individuals with lived experienced of ADHD.

Leo started school with us last year. Please read his mom, Chantelle's  story.


Having a neurodivergent child can some times be challenging. Thing's have to be done in a certain way. Changes have to be spoken about way in advance. Going out for a meal is not easy.

Some times other children don't want to play with a child due to how they are because of a hidden disability. Sometimes, children and even some adult's don't understand why a neurodivergent child is the way they are. It is hard for that child to try and explain it so the neurodivergent child becomes frustrated and can not manage they're emotions.

But there are so many positive things along side the challenging bits. Leo is such a special, loving, happy, funny and incredibly intelligent boy. Leo wouldn't be who he is today without his disability and I wouldn't have him any other way.

In the world we live in at this moment in time, it would be amazing if parents with neurotypical children could take a minute of their spare time and read about some of the hidden disabilites such as ADHD or autism and speak to their children about it to try and give them a bit of understanding of disabilities as not every disability is visable. Every child with or without a disability deserves to be included and feel like they have friends and want to be played with.

Staff at Langer primary have been absolutely amazing with Leo and so accommodating and have things in place for Leo so that he feels comfortable and happy.

Leo loves doing his physiotherapy sessions with Mr Hall which has helped so much with his Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Please be kind, you never know if a child has a hidden disability.


Leo's Story.

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