School reopens for children on Wednesday 1st September 2021
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Class 3

So far this term


Since the return from Easter break, children in Class 3 have been working incredibly hard - It is great to see their focus and attitude for learning growing stronger and stronger by the day. 


This side of Easter, we have been incredibly busy. The children have further explored concepts, and developed their understanding for 2 of the four operations in maths (subtraction and addition). The children have shown a real hunger to understand the concepts and how the written methods in these areas work.

Currently, we are exploring multiplication. After discussing what it means to multiply, the children have tried to apply current knowledge towards the use of place value counters, and base 10 blocks, when multiplying 2-digit or 3-digit numbers by a single digit number. Following this, they have looked at the short multiplication variation of how the multiplication can be set out. Please see one or two example slides below showing the link between place value counters and the use of short multiplication.


In English, the children have been incredibly creative, showing their understanding of haiku poems when retelling the story 'Monkey and Papa God'. Pictures to follow soon. 

Currently, Class 3 are exploring the short story 'Pedlar of Swaffham'. So far, we have created story maps for this and plan on editing these, progressing into role play, and finally creating a newspaper report with a focus on the character from the story. 


For our topic work, as stated in a previous post, we are focussing our attention on a number of renowned artists from around Europe. The children have already taken a look at some of Anselm Kiefer's work, using this as inspiration to draw their own version of broken and damaged buildings. Please see some of the work they have produced on this below.
This week, we turned our attention to the one and only Michelangelo. It appears the Italian artist had more skill than we first thought. We tried our best to paint in a similar way to Michelangelo. . . upside down! Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed this, I can tell you that the children and I agree that painting upside down for four years, as Michelangelo did, is not an enticing proposition. Again, please see some of the pictures below.


We have a lot more to look forward to this term. We will try to keep you updated on our journey as the final term picks up pace. 

Until then, I look forward to greeting lots of smiling individuals at the door each morning and continuing to work with you all to make the children better versions of themselves each day.


Kind regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson, Mrs. George + Mr. Hall 

Tree Planting - PHSE - Class 3


Through The Woodland Trust school have received 10 Rowan, Cherry and Silver Birch trees.  Class 3 started by compiling fact files about the different trees especially planting distance, depth and positioning.


The best part of the afternoon was spent planting the first 10 Rowan trees with the help of Mr Fothergill - the heavens opened but we stood our ground!  Over the next two weeks we will plant the Cherry and Silver Birch - keep a look out for them!


Mrs George

Summer term

Dear parents, carers and amazing children that make Class 3 a wonderful place to be, 


We are incredibly pleased to welcome you back for the final term of the academic year. It is great to see everyone returning to school with beaming smiles - what a wonderfully warm welcome you have greeted us with each day at the door.

This term in Class 3, we are focussing on the skills required to progress as artists. In particular, we are going to explore art which originates in modern day Europe.
Due to this, may I please ask that all children bring in a top which they can wear when using paint as well as other materials. This is to be kept in school until the end of term.  
In addition to this, Mrs George will be working closely with all the children in our class on Wednesday afternoons, enriching their school experience with carefully thought out and considered PSHE lessons.
Last term, Class 3 had P.E as part of their enrichment afternoon on Wednesdays. 
From next week (week commencing 26/04/21) Class 3 will need to come into school on Mondays and Fridays wearing P.E. kit. 


As I am sure you're aware, the weather has started to improve, and the children are incredibly active during the day, both in and outside of the classroom. Please could I ask parents/carers to ensure that children bring a drink of water with them to school each day in order to stay hydrated. This would be really beneficial!

Finally, I look forward to sharing the progression that your child/children have made over the course of this unfortunately unusual year - What a resilient group of children Class 3 are blessed with! This will be discussed during the upcoming parent-teacher consultations over zoom.  


Thank you for the continued support that you all show for both your children and the school community.

Kind regards, 

Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson, Mrs George + Mr. Hall

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that I am putting the final (hopefully!) home learning information on here!

The level of engagement and work produced has been amazing and is a credit to all of you. I am looking forward to seeing all of the work in real life when the children are back. The zoom sessions have been great but is never the same as working in the classroom.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you on the 8th.

Mrs Mills and Mrs Hall

Hello Class 3 children and parents.

Obviously last night's news was a shock, however today, we have been busy making home learning packs and uploading information in order to assist you with this next challenge.

Each pack has : an orange maths book, a blue spelling practice book and a brown English/topic/science book. There is also a glue stick, whiteboard and whiteboard pen. These should all come back with your child when we reopen.



Each week resources that are printable can be printed here by me and you will be able to collect resources at given slots (to be confirmed by Mrs Brown). However, if you have a printer, or are happy to work from a screen, that is also fine!

If there are other resources, such as pens and pencils that you would like, please email in advance to the class 3 page and I can have a pack ready for when it is your allocated collection slot.


Each Monday, I will introduce the new spellings on zoom Y3 at 9.00 and Y4 at 9.30 I will send joining links to your emails.


Every Thursday lunchtime, 1 o'clock FROM NEXT WEEK, we will have a Zoom catch up meeting. This will allow some face to face contact and also give you a chance to ask any questions about the work that you may have. I have chosen Thursday as by this point in the week you may need some help with something. 

If you need any help earlier than this, please email the class 3 email and I can assist! That is what I am here for!


Please email work to the class 3 address and make contact by the Friday of each week. I will try to set up zoom meetings for the children too.

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Mills, Mrs George and Mr Hall 

Hello Class 3 children and parents!

It's the final week of term! How did that happen?!

We have had an amazing Christmas lunch today, cooked by Mrs Selby and Mrs Daws, which we have thoroughly enjoyed.

We are still doing Maths and English this week, but I have not sent any spellings or fluency facts home, as you all deserve a rest!

On Friday, we invite your child to wear a Festive jumper so we can watch Carols around the tree in our bubble and get that real festive feeling!

We all wish you a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

With our very best wishes.

Mrs Mills, Mrs George and Mr Hall

Hello again Class 3 children and parents!

Wow!The weeks are flying by and we are now heading towards Christmas at full speed!

I am proud of how hard the children worked last week and hope they continue to do so for these last 2 weeks.

Please continue to stay happy, healthy and safe.

Mrs Mills, Mrs George and Mr Hall

Hello everyone!

It's hard to believe that we are heading into December! What a busy time we have been having!

We painted our Roman pots last week and they look fantastic! We have been writing letters based on the myth "The Oak and the Linden Tree."

This week we are working hard on end of term assessments, which are nothing to worry about!

Fantastic news is that swimming returns this week for two weeks, so please ensure that your child has the correct kit and comes to school in PE kit. For girls, if they could avoid wearing tights, that would be great, as they are tricky to put back on!

Finally, find on the page our new spellings. I have not given the children any new fluency facts this week.

Thank you all for continuing support.

Mrs Mills, Mrs George and Mr Hall

Hello again Class 3 children and parents!

Last week we had great fun doing our mosaics. We had an eggcelllent time doing our science eggsperiment too. We also have made some Roman inspired pottery.

Our Fluency facts are slightly different this week, but I have explained this in depth to the children.

Spellings continue to improve and I am proud of how well children are progressing.

Keep up the good work !

Mrs Mills




Hello to all year 3 and 4 children and parents!

We are having a great time in Class 3 making mosaics and finding out about Roman Myths and Legends!

I have not sent new Fluency Facts home this week as we are still working on last weeks.

I have been blown away by spelling test results today , well done !

For this Wednesday afternoon (18th November) Could you send your child with an old t shirt as we are hoping to do some clay work.

Many thanks.

Mrs Mills

Class 3 Science this week - Did the Romans use toilet roll? If not, what did they use and which material was most effective?

Homework update


Dear parents/carers,


Thank you for your support so far this term. The attitude from you and the children regarding returning to school has been fantastic.


I will be uploading the weekly fluency facts to the home learning section of our class page. Please access these through here if possible.

The spellings will be placed on the same page as well, with an extension (more words fitting the same rule) for each age group.


At the top of the home learning page you will find the learning to learn homework spreadsheet for this term. The focus is on the Roman period, and the activities that are on there can be done at any time within the first term. The expectancy isn't that all activities will be completed, but any that are completed can be shared with the class on a Monday afternoon following the homework being brought in.


If you need or want any clarity on the homework situation please don't hesitate to ask.


Take care,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson



Welcome back year 4's, welcome to class 3 year 3's, and to the children new to the class and the school, welcome to Langar and to class 3.


It has been great to get the ball rolling in the classroom this week and to set the foundations for the year ahead. The children have all contributed to a wonderful half-week to get things started. 


Although there are changes to school life this year, you should have noticed that your child has brought some fluency facts home with them - a familiar sight. These are multiplication and division facts related to a particular times table. Fluency facts will be tested each day in class, and rotated weekly. 

Next week, your child will receive their fluency facts as well as spellings and a learning to learn homework grid. Please note that these will all be uploaded electronically to the home learning page of our class page.


Wednesdays now bring with them swimming lessons for years 3 and 4. Please ensure that your written permission is given to myself, Mrs George or the office if your child wishes to wear goggles. If you are planning to send your child with swimming shorts, please note that baggy shorts, and shorts with pockets, are not allowed for these swimming lessons.


This year, our P.E lessons will be on Monday. The children and staff will be able to come to school in their P.E kit, remaining in this all day. Weather pending, we will be outdoors on these days, however, please ensure that your child brings plimsolls with them for indoor use. If your child wishes to, they can wear their P.E shorts underneath jogging/tracksuit bottoms and wear their school jumper or cardigan over their top. 


I look forward to the week ahead, starting with myself and Mrs George greeting you on Monday. 


Take care, and keep your eyes out for more updates in the weeks ahead.


Mr Zisaruk-Gibson and Mrs George

Approaching the end of the academic year!


Dear parents, carers and children


The end of term, and therefore the end of our time together as class 3, is quickly creeping up. It has been a fantastic, yet odd journey this year (for obvious reasons). I am so grateful for the time we have spent together in class 3 and the experiences we have had, learning and developing into better people each day. 

Some of you are to attend for one final week this week coming up, and I cannot wait to support you in the classroom once more.

Something that is clearly more difficult this year is to try and ensure the children have taken all of their belongings, such as P.E kits, glasses, medicine etc, home with them. If you know of any belongings that your child may have left in the classroom, please get in touch with the office to arrange for these to be picked up during the week.


Finally, thank you for the support that you have all shown to each other, the school and, more importantly, the children. Without you, as parents, carers and close relatives, the children would not have had access to the learning that they have done at home (both academic and personal).


I hope that you all have a positive, productive and enjoyable final week of the school year. I look forward to seeing some of you this week, and many of you when we return after the break.


Best wishes,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson


Welcome back Wilberforce!


I am delighted that the decision has been made to invite the year 2, 3, 4 and 5 children from Wilberforce house into class 3 with me next week (22nd June 2020). I cannot wait to see those of you that take the opportunity to come into school for our well-being week.

We will be continuing with some of the home learning tasks that are set, experimenting within science, being creative and enjoying learning together. 

A picture or two of the new-look class three has been added to the page below.


Of course, things will be a little bit different to usual. Please try not to worry, different is fine. At langar, we love a challenge, and we love being creative. So we (Wilberforce) will creatively enjoy navigating Monday through Thursday together as a team! 


Please come ready to be active. We will be promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the week, and therefore if you can come dressed in clothes that allow you to be on your feet, moving in an active way (jumping, running on the spot etc) then that would be fantastic!


Take a look at the pictures below to see how the classroom looks. I hope that those of you that decide to come in are looking forward to being back in school, I know I am looking forward to seeing you!


Take care, and hope to see you soon,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson

Class 3 ready for Wilberforce

UPDATE 16th June 2020


Hello there class 3!


Another couple have weeks have nearly passed since I last wrote to you on here, and things have continued at home in such a positive way. Those of you that have been in touch with me directly, via email or phone call, it has been a pleasure to hear about your experiences, both negative and positive. 

At Langar, we are incredibly aware that each home is different, and no one family's experience will exactly mirror that of another. Whilst this is the case, can I just thank you for the spirit in which you have ventured on this uncertain journey with the children, and the staff. I think I can speak for all staff members when I say thank you for your continued thoughtful, caring and understanding approach to the closure of school. 


Away from that, I have received a number of emails over the past 2 weeks from the children. It has been amazing to hear their voices through the written messages - Thank you for enabling them to write emails on a weekly basis. 

If you haven't yet managed this, don't worry. It would be great to hear from you on a weekly basis via email, just to update me on how things are going for the children and yourselves at home.


If you take a look at our class virtual display board, it will be updated by the end of the day. There are lots of amazing pictures, pieces of work, and even challenges (Sonny has a challenge for you on his PowerPoint, you will need a pen and piece of paper - I still haven't managed it!)


Until I speak to you next, please take care, stay safe and try have fun with what you do!


Best wishes,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson


We are welcoming some of the children back to school next week, but some are still to be at home.  On the Well-Being page there are some resources which may help the children if they are feeling anxious.  Please do browse and see if there is anything which may be useful to your situation.

Message for parents/carers

Dear parents/carers


I would like to thank you all for keeping in touch with regular updates over half term and the past week. It has been great to learn about the experiences that the children have had at home and to share in some of the learning that is happening.

It is great to know that we are close to seeing a return to school for our year 6 children. We, as staff, are all very excited for this, as we share in the disappointment that the majority of children and families will have felt when schools closed their doors to the children.

Currently, years 3 and 4 will continue to learn at home. This means there will be continued support for you and the children via the suggested home learning timetables on our class page. Equally, I will be able to support you via the class email. This aspect of support, however, will be more prominent during two out of every three weeks moving forward. As you will be aware, Mrs. Brown has been working round the clock to develop uploaded updates regarding the structure of reopening the school to particular groups. With this, I will be overseeing the key worker group for one week within every three.

This week, I have had the privilege of doing just that. Whilst it has been brilliant to get back to school and see some of the children, and to provide support to them other than written instruction on our home learning timetable, it has made responding to emails between the hours of 9am and 3pm quite difficult. I apologise to those of you that have been in touch with me via email over that period, as I have not responded as yet. Please be assured that you will receive a response shortly.

Finally, please keep your eyes out for the new timetable that will be going onto the home learning page for our class. This will be updated prior to Monday as usual.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Friday, and of course the weekend to come.

Best wishes,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson

Dear Class 3


Firstly I would like to thank those children who have sent an email replying to my letter - it was really wonderful to read them!


I thought you might like to have a go at the ELSA Support Wellbeing Calendar for June.  Each activity promotes a sense of wellbeing.  I do hope you enjoy them.  I hope you are all well.  Mrs George smiley

Dear class 3,


First of all, I hope that you have all enjoyed a Monday without a home learning activity from a timetable on our website! Maybe you have enjoyed spending time in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, or maybe you spent a little bit longer than usual in bed!! Who knows? No matter what you have done, I really hope that you have a nice start to the half-term holiday.


Now, next week will be a very similar week as the past 6,7,8... I've lost count.

There will be a timetable which has suggested activities on for you to have a go at. 

If you have the chance, please create the fact file about yourself which was on the timetable from last week, it would be lovely if our new classmate could get to know a little bit about you before he joins us whenever we return!


Finally, each day this week, I will be uploading a short story to our website. Go to the video resource centre to find it in the Class 3 section.

The first of these is 'The Wicked Witch'. This is a story from a collection of stories that all live in the same book. Maybe we will read a few more of these later in the week.


The first one is on there for you now and Mrs. Brown will be announcing that on the app tomorrow. 


I hope that you are all well, staying safe and most importantly, enjoying the time that you're getting to spend at home with those that you love.


All my very best wishes and warmest regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson 

Hello Class 3


I hope you are all well and enjoying the sun!  Mental Health Awareness week starts today, 18th May 2020 and I thought it would be a lovely idea to think about the theme of the week which is Kindness.   I have put a link on the Well-being part of the school website which has some lovely Mindfulness activities to do. 


Over the next week I will be sending a Lockdown Reflection worksheet to your home address which you may choose to do.  I think you will really enjoy filling it out.  Have fun see you soon.


Mrs George smiley

Hello Class 3 from Mrs George smiley


Hi everyone how are you all?  I have been looking at all the truly wonderful things that you have been doing whilst not at school - you are really inspiring.  It's very strange not being in school isn't it - I really miss your smiles and laughter. 


What new skills have you learnt whilst not being in school - maybe juggling or mastering your skipping skills?  I hope that you have all been able to get outside in your garden or an open space to investigate what is happening within it.  On the Outdoor Learning page of the school website you will find weekly Wednesday outdoor challenges to have a go at - go outside and get dirty and have fun!!


As you know I love going to Cornwall - St Ives and over the last two holidays I have really enjoyed collecting sea glass from the beach.  Between you and me I did not know what to do with it but having this time and thinking about my favourite place I decided to make a heart and to show the "nearly there trees" as you drive down.  I know I am nearly there when I drive past them and see them and shout "we are nearly there!".


I hope you are all ok and enjoying your time with your families.


See you soon - Mrs George wink



Hello again class 3. 

I ventured into school this week and spent a little time in our classroom. However, to my surprise, our classroom had changed. 

Yes, one change you may notice from the picture on our home learning page is that the rainforest is now gone! I know, how disappointing. But we have now moved away from our Geography topic and it was time to take it down and open the classroom up again.

BUT, there was something else that had happened, and I had no idea how.

The classroom was missing some very obvious items that are usually in there. I wonder if you can spot them from looking at the picture?

What a mystery! I wonder where they have gone and who/what took them?

I did find a letter on the floor, addressed to us. That is also on our home learning page. You should probably take a look at that and see what you think about the situation.

I have set you some tasks related to this for the coming week. 

Personally, I was shocked and I am still a little bit worried. It got me thinking about our school values and whether the person/people/thing that took our classroom items showed these values. 

Anyway, I hope that you're all well, that you're enjoying the time spent with families at home and, of course, enjoying some of the activities set for you each week.


Take care and stay safe,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson

An update from our first week back



Hello class 3!


It was great to see the majority of you last week and to hear that you're staying safe and doing well. 


The contact I have had from parents is as always amazing, and I feel that, as the routine becomes more 'normal', it will only get even better. 


Thank you for all the amazing images of your work, including those that capture you during an activity! It is great to see that all of you are driven to continue your learning, whilst keeping such a high level of expectation in your own work. Well done and keep it up!


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the learning that has gone on which isn't related directly to the activities on the suggested time table.

There have been so many, from setting yourself targets for improving your flexibility, to learning how to ride your bike (and then immediately tackling an 8-mile bike ride!!!). Learning isn't always 'academic' as we know from our focus on our learning skills. It is great to hear that lots of you are challenging yourselves and developing your skills, making the most of what you know and building on from that.    


As for me, I will be in class at some point during the week, in order to take down our rainforest. Any work that you have contributed to making our classroom into the coolest tropical rainforest ever will be saved and put to one side in case you would like to keep it. 


I cannot wait to hear about your experiences this coming week, and to see the work that you manage to attempt.


Take care and stay safe.


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson


Summer term


Welcome back, in a less than traditional sense!

I hope that everyone connected to you, your family, friends and neighbours, are all well. 


We are now in our final term of the year, and what a year it has been so far! With so many wonderful experiences behind us, we can now turn our attention to finishing the year in style. After all, it is our creative term!


Firstly, I want to mention about parent and teacher communication. I have felt incredibly blessed to have received emails from some of the parents/carers of children in our class, outlining what the children have been up to, the learning that has happened, as well as other bits and bobs that may have taken place during the week. I would love to hear more about the work that is happening, receive pictures of the tasks, and hear about the experiences the children and family have over the course of the week. What a treat that would be!
But at the same time, I fully understand that you live busy lives. A simple email just to touch base and let me know how the children are would be wonderful!
Thank you to those who have done this so far.


In other news, it's been Easter! I hope that you and the family have been able to enjoy this period of celebration as much as possible. I have spent this time celebrating the time we have been blessed with as a family to be together, and focusing on the many positives that can be gained from spending a lot of time with each other.


Moving forward, the class page has changed slightly. Mrs Brown has been working hard over the holidays to ensure things are as simple as possible to use on our website. Therefore, there are now links at the top of our class page that take you to the home learning section for our class, and a link to a class display. Please feel free to send images of the work and activities done by your child/children to me in the weekly email. Can I ask that if you do, that you inform me that it is fine to use the images on the website.

A chosen few will be added to this each week to provide a flavour of the work done at home.


Finally, the lessons that have been set out on the suggested home learning time table follow those we would be doing in the classroom. Please do try to access as many as possible, especially the maths, as these are sequenced lessons that help build the steps of understanding within, and around, a concept.

I really look forward to hearing from parents/carers at the end of the week and reading about the work and experiences that you have had over the duration of it.

Take care all!


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson


P.S. There is a link below to a home learning website that some of you may be excited to access.



Easter holiday



Dear parents/carers and children,


We are now 2 weeks into the school closure that was implemented due to the unfortunate circumstances that we find ourselves in today. It has been amazing to see the majority of you frequently accessing Purple Mash, completing work set and holding conversations with your friends over the blogs. Please continue to do this when you can, as it is a pleasure to see the work you’re doing daily, and to hear about your experiences throughout.
Over the Easter period, the usual timetable, that would be on the website, will not continue in the same way. Below are websites/resources that can be used during this time to stay active, both in mind and body, whilst continuing your academic learning. Please use these as and when you have time.

Mrs Brown has also added links to activities that you can do on the home learning page of the website. Please use these to help with generating ideas of what to do over the Easter holidays.
Accompanying the websites below are the spellings for next week. I would still recommend finding the time to focus on these throughout the week if possible.


Thank you for your emails. I’ve really enjoyed corresponding with those of you who have done so over the last few weeks. Those of you who have emailed me over the last two weeks, please try to make this part of a weekly routine. It is great to know that you are all well, and at the same time it’s brilliant to know exactly what you have been up to! With this, the emails can be used to ask questions about work, as well as other school/academic/child related questions. I have received a nice amount of images of the work that children have done. Can I ask that you continue to do this via email so that I can start adding some of them to the class page on our school website.

I will be keeping an eye on my emails over the next two weeks, so please feel free to use this mode of communication if you need to get in touch.

Finally, please keep checking the website for news updates and further resources that you can access. Please take care, stay safe and enjoy the positives out of this situation – spending time with family.


Very best wishes.


Mr Zisaruk-Gibson

Dear parents, carers and children, 


In the light of recent world events, the following content has been added to ensure that we have learning opportunities in place, ready for school closures if they happen.

Please see the timetable below for home learning activities. The timetable follows a similar style to that of the school day, and is there to provide a structure and learning opportunities for you. 
Please ensure that work done is recorded in the exercise book that you have received, and if you have been unwell, and unable to attend school recently, then recording the work using paper, pads or other books is the best way forward.

Moving forward, underneath each timetable are the resources that may be needed for given activities. They will be headed with the title, lesson and day as to avoid confusion. On the timetable, there are a number of links to videos that can help you with your learning, and inform you or present you with ideas; please use these.

The times table fluency facts and a grid of reading activities have been compiled near the bottom of this page for ease of access - please use these in relation to the times table focus for given weeks and the reading opportunities on the timetable. 


Finally, the most recent resources and relevant timetable will be added to the top of our class page each week. Please ensure you access Purple Mash and Times Table Rockstars regularly to attempt the work set.

Take care.


Mr Zisaruk-Gibson

IMPORTANT - Further information about work and questions answered.

Home learning ideas

Please take a look at the following websites that can help you with some ideas for home learning. These websites are full or creative ideas for learning at home, which could be done whenever time is available.


These activities, and the KS2 activity booklet, can be done alongside the timetable that will be set IF schools should close, but may also be done anytime. 
Please be aware that the KS2 booklet is for children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 - children should only access what they feel confident and challenged appropriately by.

At home learning ideas

Year 3/4 Spellings for the week commencing 23rd of March

Learning to Learn Homework activities

Information about the Year 4 Times Tables Check

End of Year Expectations Booklets