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Class 3 update


Good afternoon,


First of all, I want to extend my thoughts and best wishes to all of you during this time. Many of you/your children have felt unwell – clearly there is heightened concern with the way things are regarding Covid – Please try to stay safe.


Moving on, there are many of us that are not in school this week, yet learning must still take place if the opportunity presents itself. To aid this happening, the home learning section (found through the link at the top of this class page) has been updated.

I am aware that there had been an issue with this, and all of the content had been deleted. I am in the process of fully replenishing the material on that page, but for now, please find some learning activities at the top of that page.


These activities are related to the lesson topics that would have been explored in class, given a ‘normal’ week. Most of the work is revision based, with maths providing an element of choice.

It is important to attempt the English lessons in the order stated. However, I have added more than enough lessons related to this subject – there isn’t an expectation that all these are attempted. Please attempt what your time and wellness allows for.


Additionally, I wish to remind you of the contact address that you can reach me at during the week. Please utilise this for communication with myself. This can be regarding PurpleMash log in details for your child/children, issues related to work set, or anything surrounding school life. Please don’t hesitate to use this method of communication, but I must ask for your patience – responding to your emails will be a priority, but may not be instantaneous. I know you’re understanding in that aspect and thank you in advance.



Finally, I want to congratulate all of the children for their hard work this half-term. Whilst it isn't the end to the half-term that I envisaged, the children have all taken strides to become better versions of themselves, in all areas, over the past 6/7 weeks. It leaves me feeling incredibly proud of the attitude and character each of them has shown. 


I look forward to welcoming you all back after half-term and continuing our journey together. Until then, stay safe and enjoy spending time with your loved ones!


My warmest regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson



Year 4 had a great afternoon weighing, measuring and combining their ingredients for their crumble.  Mrs Petchell hopes that you enjoyed cooking them at home and that they tasted good.


Year 3 went on a colour and texture finding challenge!  We used our sense of touch and sight to look for as many different nature items outside that could be matched.    We were able to put up some recycled bottle "flowers" against the trellis outside Class 3 and have a Roly Poly competition!!

Enrichment afternoon 


Class 3 enjoyed their first afternoon of enrichment, year 4 spent the afternoon with Mrs Petchell cooking and year 3 with Mrs George doing outdoor learning.


Year 4 started off in the Orchard talking about the different types of apples growing and then making some wonderful fruit kebabs to take home.  Next week Year 4 will make the individual ingredients to make a crumble at home.


Year 3 spent some time also in the Orchard today watering the fruit trees, eating apples and sloe's.  


Earlier on in the day Mrs Whelan brought a parcel addressed to Mrs George and Year 3 that was to be opened in Outdoor Learning which caused a lot of excitement!  Inside was a wonderful book called Voices in the Park which we read and re-enacted in the shade of the Reflection Garden - of course not forgetting our ice-pops to cool us down.    


Everyone had a wonderful afternoon and cant wait to meet again next week. 


Mrs George and Mrs Petchell 

Update regarding homework


Dear Parents/Carers,


I wanted to pre-empt some questions that may arise related to the expectations regarding homework given each week, access to this and, in relation to the Learning to Learn homework, the opportunities that will be provided for children to share their work from home. I hope the following achieves this.


On Friday of each week, both year groups will receive a fluency fact focus related to number facts and/or times tables. All children will be tested on these each day in class (or will practise these under a time pressure), using a blank version of the grids and given 90 seconds to answer as many as possible in order.

Any practise of these (especially times tables) will be incredibly beneficial to your child's/children's understanding and retention of patterns and rhythms, the ability to recall multiplication facts at pace, and to grow in confidence both in and out of the classroom. 


The children will also have a spelling book to bring home. In this will be some of the practice that they have done over the course of the week on the previous week's set of spellings, as well as a new set of spelling words for the following week. 

These are split into two columns: One is a group of words that follow a rule or pattern related to their spellings and sounds, the other will be a group of words from the identified common exception words for year 3s and 4s (This column will be the same for both year groups). Little and often is a great approach to embedding familiarity with both routine and the knowledge they gain. 


Over time, there may be a need to issue further homework to individuals, small groups or the whole class for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, I will disclose the information to those who it is targeted towards. 


Whilst the children will be given a paper copy of the spelling and fluency fact homework, if you have access to a computer you can access them online. Please find all of the fluency fact sheets related to times tables on our home learning page. Here you will find all of the relevant fluency facts and the current set of spellings for your child.  


Finally, there are some links on the class home learning site which may help with revision. These are based towards the top of the page and will stay there for the remainder of the year.


I appreciate that this is a lot of information to take on board. I hope it clears up some questions you may have regarding home learning/homework. 


Kind regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson

WOW! What a day.


What a wonderful start to the school year! The children have settled into their roles in Class 3 perfectly today - We couldn't have asked for a more positive, attentive group of young role models to help the year 3's settle into the class and understand the routines and expectations of Class 3. What a blessing for a teacher! 

I want to draw your attention to the previous message on this page. Please be aware that the class trip is on Monday 6th September - Please check bags for a letter that has been given to those who require it. Don't worry if you haven't received one of these letters, there is nothing you need to do if this is the case!


I want to extend my thanks for the promptness of the pick up and drop off timings today. It is a little bit different having so many parents/carers on the playground at once, but a welcomed change. I extend my apologies to those I didn't manage to talk to. I really look forward to working with you this year to help the children grow and fulfil their potential in all areas of our trinity!


Kind regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson and Mrs. George


Welcome to the start of another year at Langar Church of England Primary School!



We are very excited to welcome both old and new faces into Class 3. I am sure that there are a few nervous, as well as excited, feelings out there as we grow ever closer to our return - don't worry, I have those same feelings and we will ensure we do our best to settle well in the first few days in our class!

Before further messages to the current year 3 and 4 children/parents, I wish to extend Mrs. George's and my gratefulness to the parents and children of last year. The thoughtfulness shown throughout, and especially the work put in to provide stunning, really thoughtful gifts at the end of the year were unexpected and overwhelming - Thank you!

This term in Class 3 we will be taking a closer look at crime and punishment, with a particular focus on the contrast between Victorian and modern day Britain. This starts with our trip to the National Justice Museum this coming Monday. Please note: Children are to wear their school uniform as usual and bring a packed lunch and water bottle with them in a backpack (no fizzy drinks).

For any further information regarding this, please contact the office or see me at an appropriate time after school.


Homework - This terms Learning to Learn homework is now on the home learning section of our class page. Please access this for activities related to the topic. Please note that there is not an expectation that all of these are attempted, its more of a Pick'n'Mix of activities of which the children should attempt one or two related to each learning area over the entirety of the term. Supplementing this each week will be fluency facts and spellings which will be practised and tested in class. Please attempt to practise these, as well as reading, at home when the opportunity presents itself. 


A copy of the timetable will be uploaded shortly. Please pay close attention to the days in which we have P.E as your child/children will be required to arrive at school in the CORRECT P.E kit, as was expected last year. 


For now, that is all from us. We look forward to welcoming you all soon.


Kind regards,


Mr. Zisaruk-Gibson and Mrs. George

Information about the Year 4 Times Tables Check

End of Year Expectations Booklets