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Mastery Maths


As we continue our Mastery journey at Langar the staff have seen a huge increase in the children's enthusiasm and engagement in maths, which has resulted in improved academic performance.


The children are becoming more familiar with the way maths is taught in school, with a back and forth approach between teacher and students, and a more collaborative approach to discussion and reasoning between children., before independent tasks are set. This is move away from the outdated approach of a teacher standing at the front of the class and delivering an input for 10 minutes and then the children work through reams of sums for the remainder of the lesson.


In order to aid your child increase confidence and be more familiar and fluent with recall of number facts, and to help provide a bank of knowledge to improve pattern and connection spotting in maths, each class is sending home regular fluency facts to learn. The aim is that your child can learn these by rote, so the facts are there when needed. Being able to calculate a times table is fine, but the ideal outcome in learning them is that the children can say them and not have to think about them, so when practising at home, this is the standard to look for.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Owen-Jones

Teaching for Mastery Specialist

Maths Lead

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