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Class 1

Letter Formation Powerpoint

Hello and Welcome to Class 1

(Reception / Foundation Stage 2)

Children in the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception Children) follow a curriculum based around the ‘Early Learning Goals’ – a series of aims divided between seven areas of learning.  We introduce these areas of learning in ways that are suitable for the age and development of the child, building on existing skills and experiences.  At the end of their Reception Year the children will be assessed against these Early Learning Goals to see if they are working in line with expectations for their age, below or above a typical level for their age. 


At School and through our ‘partnership with parents’ we will encourage your child to be involved in a variety of learning experiences during each day.  Some of these will be whole class experiences, some will be in small group situations and sometimes your child will work independently.  Teaching and learning in the Early Years Foundation stage is based on PLAY and TALK.  There will be a balance of teacher led and child initiated activities.  Every day your child will have a focussed Phonics, Literacy and Maths activity. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum focuses on seven areas of learning:


Communication and Language

The children will be learning to:

  • Speak and listen in a range of situations
  • Follow instructions
  • Answer questions
  • Develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves

Physical Development

The children will be learning to:

  • Develop their co-ordination and control
  • Move confidently
  • Handle equipment and tools effectively e.g. scissors and pencils
  • Make healthy choices in relation to food

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be learning to:

  • Become confident learners
  • Form positive relationships with others
  • Learn to share and take turns
  • Be independent
  • Know the difference between right and wrong






The children will be learning to:

  • Hear and say sounds in words
  • Learn the alphabet
  • Read and write familiar words
  • Learn to use a pencil effectively



The children will be learning to:

  • Count objects accurately
  • Recognise numbers
  • Add and subtract single digit numbers
  • Name and describe shapes
  • Understand concepts related to size, weight, length, capacity, position, time and money

Understanding the World

The children will be learning to:

  • Find out about past and present events in their own lives and the lives of family members
  • Know how they are the same or different from their friends
  • Explore and find out about the world around them
  • Make observations of plants and animals
  • Recognise different technology and where it is used

Expressive Art and Design

The children will be learning to:

  • Explore colours and shapes
  • Use different media and materials
  • Participate in role-play
  • Dance and move to music
  • Sing songs and make music



The whole school curriculum is organised into three overarching themes:

Discover - Autumn term, and is the History focus for the year.

Explore - Spring term, and is Geography focused.

Create - Summer term, and is arts focused. Although art, music and D.T are explored and created in other terms, this is the only term where the skills of each subject are taught.


Within the Early Years Curriculum we have planned our topics around the three themes.


Our topics for the Autumn term is 'What do I know about me?' and Toys




Each week a child will be nominated for Hot Chocolate with Mrs Brown on a Friday to celebrate either their academic achievement, use of our school values in action or demonstrating our learning to learn skills which make up our school logo, known as our Trinity.  Trinity the Tortoise will come home with your child along with a diary to write in, draw pictures or add photographs to show what Trinity has done with your child to celebrate their achievement. The diary would be shared at school as a speaking and listening activity.  





Please look at your child's phoneme flashcards they bring home on a Friday.


Remember to listen to your child read and write in their reading diary.




Our PE day is a Friday in the school hall. Please remember to come to school wearing your PE clothes.  (black jogging bottoms or shorts depending on the weather, yellow PE t-shirt or white polo t-shirt and your school jumper or cardigan and trainers.  Please ensure your child has their plimsolls in their PE bag which is kept on their peg in the classroom) 



Please remember if you have questions or concerns that you would like to talk to us about, do come and see us and we will endeavour to help. If we are unable to speak with you immediately, we will arrange a mutually convenient time.


Thank you, Mrs Richardson and Mrs Petchell