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Langar Church of England Primary School


Parents say, " Fantastic school, really focussed on developing the whole child. Extremely supportive and always willing to give support to the children and their families. All three of my children are happy and feel safe at the school – a testament to the whole school staff and values."

Langar Learning Trinity


Achieving academic excellence through the acquisition of learning skills and core Christian values

Academic Excellence

The Langar curriculum promotes risk taking, choice and decision making which enables children to take responsibility for their own learning and lifestyle. It provides our children with learning challenges which are engaging, motivating and exciting. Through a broad range of subjects and balance of experiences every child is encouraged to reach their full potential.



Academic Excellence

Approaches to learning

* Underpinned with core values and life-long learning skills       * Consistent approaches to teaching and learning                 * Mastery Maths   

 * Cross-curricular themes and topics                         * High quality resources and learning environment                      * Instilling a passion for learning    

 * Promoting effective communication           * High expectation of all pupils               

 * Personalised support for under-performing pupils

Autumn - Discover – History           Spring - Explore – Geography    Summer - Create – Art, DT and Music
Ongoing Subjects – English, Maths, Science, PSHCE, PE, Computing, RE, MFL
Specialist roles: ELSA    Mastery Maths Primary Specialist        Reading Recovery Teacher         Language and music specialist teachers

Healing the Gap

 *5 Minute Box *B Squared *Reading Buddies *1-1 Reading* Phonics Streaming  * Phonics/ Spelling Pre Teach  *Snip

*Rapid Phonics *Rapid Reading *Plus 1 *Power of 2 *Pre Teach Maths * Pre/Post Teach Maths *In class TA support and intervention * Precision Teach




Learning to Learn

The Langar curriculum utilizes children’s natural curiosity and seeks to develop time and self-management through problem solving, enquiry and investigation. We inspire children to collaborate, co-operate and reflect through talk, and lead them to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding through a range of real life learning experiences.


The Langar curriculum is built on a core set of Christian values that provide a moral compass and a common language of behaviour for the school family and wider community. The values equip our children with social and relationship skills, intelligences and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives.


Values – Take Care, Thoughtfulness, Respect, Love and Fairness

Values are taught and applied throughout the curriculum

*Paul Dix behaviour approach  *Houses Groups *Charitable Events  *Collective Worship *Faith and Values Leaders  *Community links *LifeSavers financial education and savings club  *Mental Health and well-being techniques   *First-Aid Kit for Feelings    *Aromatherapy    *Mindfulness   *Playground Leader Training    * Enrichment Afternoon

Healing the Gap

*ELSA    *Socially Speaking   * Lego Therapy    *Circle of Friends


Learning to Learn Skills – Independent Enquirers, Reflective Learners, Creative Thinkers, Self-Managers, Team Workers

Learning to Learn skills are taught and applied throughout the curriculum

*REAL PE           *Enrichment afternoon      * Music Lessons

*Learning to Learn homework      *Pupil Roles of Responsibility

*Trips and curriculum enhancing opportunities   *Extra-Curricular Activities

Healing the Gap

*ELSA     *Lego Therapy   *Draw and Talk


Community links/ Enrichment weeks

*Respect Yourself  Week (self-care and staying safe)  *Anti-Bullying   * E-Safety   * Book Week    * Well-Being Week   *House Charities - Water Aid, British Heart, Dogs Trust, Rainbows Hospice *The Friary   * Nyofella   * Rotary Club   * British Legion

Enrichment afternoon

*Swimming   *French   *Cooking  *Outdoor Learning  *Music    *Craft                                                         

Trips and Experiences

*Twycross Zoo   * White Post Farm    * Nauturescape    *Galleries of Justice  *Local Area Work *Walesby Forest Residential   *Ventures Residential Weekend    *Rock UK Residential     *Cober Hill Residential

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

*Tennis  *Singing Group  * Football  * Magical Maths  *Performing Arts   *Outdoor Learning  *Forest Bugs  *Individual Music Lessons  *French






Our curriculum is further enhanced through our enrichment afternoon on a Wednesday. Children benefit from staff's expertise, the tuition of a dance teacher and specialist swimming coaches to provide them with a range of instruction and activities, some of which are outside of the requirements of the National Curriculum.



2021 - 22 Enrichment Plan


Academic Excellence

SPAG outcomes have improved, from 69% ARE KS2 in 2018, to 100% ARE (putting school in first position in LA ranking) and 41.7% GDS this year. Both are above national figures (78% and 36% respectively)

 Outcomes in maths were in line with or better than national figures (72.7% ARE and 9.1% GDS at KS1 and 91.7% ARE and 33.3% GDS at KS2)

 The proportion of children reaching the expected standard and achieving Greater Depth in our driver subjects are in line with core subject outcomes.


Learning Skills

Children’s behaviour is exemplary

Children have a clear understanding of Christianity and faith in action

Children have financial skills with a clear moral  foundation                                        


50% of children have taken part in sporting events and festivals

A high proportion of children achieved Greater Depth at the end of KS2 – top 20% in the county

At the end of both Key Stages, disadvantaged pupils made progress in line with their peers

Sources of Evidence - *NFER testing  *Teacher Assessment and Observation  * Pupil Voice  *SEF  * Book Scrutiny *Learning Walks * Visitor Feedback  *Parent questionnaire