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Outdoor Learning Challenge - 3.6.20

Outdoor Learning Challenge - 20.5.20

Outdoor Learning Challenge - 13.5.20

Outdoor Learning Challenge - 6.5.20

Outdoor Learning Challenge - 29.04.20

Wild Things have created a series of short nature based videos with activity ideas you can do in your back garden or on your daily walk.  The videos are free to access. 

The videos are free to access - with a wide range of activities, including foraging ideas, nature based craft, bird spotting & bird song

A really exciting evening is upon us - Monday, 20th April 2020.   Track a cluster of satellites as they move in formation across the sky this evening.  Look west they travel from west to east at around 9.55pm. 
You can’t go to Kew Gardens, but the gardens can come to you!

On the basis that we only have one opportunity to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, why not have a go at bringing the outdoors inside?


The RSPB have a fantastic bird spotting recording opportunity on their #BreakfastBirdwatch which takes place every day between 8am - 9am.  Why not have a go at making a daily and weekly tally of the types of birds spotted.



Observing the outdoors does not stop when it goes dark.  Why not have a look at the Moon Phases 2020 by producing a Moon Diary.  You will be able to chart the cycle of the moon from a full moon to a new moon.