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Langar Church of England Primary School

Class 2

Enrichment - 25.05.22


Today we made bug houses.  Some children worked in pairs with others making their own.


The children's creative skills were fantastic, houses included mud baths, saunas and even shelters!  We had a grand opening ceremony to view the houses made with a formal cutting of the ribbon upon entry.


The rain made an appearance but just added to the afternoon.


We would just like to say we have had a wonderful half term with Years 2 and 3 and we once again thank you for your support in providing the correct clothing.


Mrs George and Mr Hall

Enrichment - 18.05.22


Sorry for the late post!  We had an alphabet scavenger hunt today.  The children struggled with finding a few items and even improvised by borrowing "children" to complete their hunt.  Children's knowledge of plant names were amazing!


One week to go!


Mrs George and Mr Hall

Enrichment - 11.05.22


Continuing to compete for Sports and Activities week, Year 2 and 3 enjoyed a very wet afternoon undertaking sprint, long distance and bean bag races to name a few in their house groups.  We then came inside to get warm and we used the time to continue our activity challenges.


A great afternoon.


Mrs George and Mr Hall

Enrichment - 04.05.22


We dodged the rain this week! 


We went on a leaf scavenger hunt with children identifying different types of trees.  We also used our mathematical skills to identify parallel lines around school.


We had our usual competitions - such fun with children coming from other classes to cheer everyone on.


Thank you again for your continued support with regards to clothing - fingers crossed we need to be mindful of bringing sun hats and cream.


Mrs George and Mr Hall

29th April 2022


This afternoon Class 2 had a visit from the police!


Nobody was in trouble but we really enjoyed PC Croft and his colleagues having a tour around their vehicles and essential police equipment.


Miss Parker 

Enrichment 27.04.22


It was a wet one this week! 


Passing the sponge over our heads whilst trying to keep as much water in it as possible.


The children loved it!'


Mrs George and Mrs Hall 



Learning to learn homework Summer term.

Hello everybody!

I am adding our Learning to Learn homework, which is based on our Create theme, Carnival of the Animals. Hopefully your children will have fun doing them! As ever, please ensure that children have taken care over the tasks.

Thank you!

Miss Parker ( Mrs Mills )


Learning to Learn homework Summer 2022

Enrichment - 20.04.22


Dear Year 2 Parents


We had an amazing Outdoor Learning session this week - the weather was certainly on our side.  


To aid transition into year 3 in September, year 2 came together with our current year 3 children. 


To foster resilience, self esteem and teamwork year 2 children had to trust their year 3 role models by being blindfolded and being guided into shapes with a rope.  We had limited "peeking"!


We had our normal competitions - rock, paper, scissors and roly-poly - with clear winners in both games this week.  We finished the afternoon with some positive affirmations to bond the group.


Due to what is planned next week, if your child does not bring outdoor clothing next week they will not be able to take part in the activity as they will not be appropriately dressed.


Thank you as always for your support.


Mrs George and Mr Hall 



Dear Parents


Year 2 children will be doing Outdoor Learning next half term.  Please ensure that they have the appropriate clothing in school.


Mrs George



On Thursday class 1 and 2 will be having reading buddies in the afternoon.  Please bring in your favourite book (or another favourite book if that one came in for World Book Day!). 


Mrs Turner has knitted Easter egg chicks and rabbits to raise money for Dove Cottage Hospice.  She will be selling them on Thursday after school.  If they run out they can be ordered and they will be posted out in the holiday.  


Have a great Easter break,

The Key Stage 1 team 


The letter for the class trip will be going home on Tuesday.  I will collate how each child will be getting to the site and adding the names of parents attending to the risk assessment.  Please let me know as soon as you can for both of these. 

Many thanks,

Mrs Turner

Year 2 spellings for this week.

Hello parents, we have had issues with the photocopier this week and as a result, have been unable to print the spellings.

Here are the words for this week along with the months of the year to have a go at:

fall, hall, small, tall, wall, walnut, water.

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Many thanks.

Mrs Mills



World Book Day Jars

Lots of excited children came in clutching their story jar creations this morning.  Thank you to all the grown ups who helped them. Have a look to see if you recognise the stories the children have recreated in 3D... 

Enrichment 09.02.22


This week we enjoyed putting our own bird feeders around school and creating a keepsake for everyone to take home.  The mud used to make the keepsake was lovely and messy!!  Of course we ended our session with the last Roly Poly and Rock, Paper, Scissor competitions. 


The last 7 weeks have flown! 


Thank you to all Class 2 parents for your support each week.


Mrs George, Mrs Sellers and Mr Hall

Enrichment - 2.2.22


Firstly thank you to all those who supported their child to be part of the Big Garden Birdwatch last weekend - we hope you had fun and were able to report your findings.


This week in enrichment we continued the "bird" theme by making some delicious "snacks" for the birds who visit your garden at home.   The children were trilled to be mixing lard, bird feed, cheese, sultanas and mealworms into the "snacks" by hand!


Hopefully you will be able to hang your bird snacks in your garden from Thursday after being in the fridge for a while.


Only one more week of Outdoor Learning to go (9.2.22) - after half term Class 2 will be having Music as their enrichment.


Mrs George, Mrs Sellers and Mr Hall




As part of our topic work next week in Continuous Provision, we are hoping to make canal boats! If you have any 1 litre, tall  juice cartons ( rinsed out please ), could you send them in with your child on Monday.

Many thanks.

Mrs Mills

Enrichment 25.01.22


Over this weekend the RSPB are holding their Big Garden Birdwatch.


This week the children went on a big playground bird watch of their own - listening for bird song and identifying birds against a checklist.  We also visited our Bug Hotel to see if we could identify any insects having a stayover!   Once again the weather was on our side and we enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon. 


It would be wonderful if you could spend an hour over this weekend with your child(ren) completing the big garden birdwatch - everyone came home with the tools and paperwork to do.




Mrs George and Mrs Sellers

Learning to Learn Homework

Year 1 spellings and maths

Enrichment 19.01.22


Another week of being blessed with sunshine and it not being too cold.    The late afternoon sun allowed us to understand how shadows are made as well as be able to draw around each other and watch how the sun changed the outline as the sun position changed.  


Whilst we waited to see the changes the children added items of clothing and accessories to their outline.


Of course we had our Roly Poly competition as well as our Rock- Paper-Scissors game.


A fun packed afternoon.


Mrs George and Mr Hall





Hello Class 2 parents!

As per Mrs Browns message on the school app, I am uploading what I can to this page, just in case children who are off feel well enough to have a go at some work.

Please also look at the useful links page on the site for Oak Academy and Times Tables Rockstars.

We are also finding out about how rivers are shaped using resources from the Canals and Rivers trust.

Y1- if you wish to practise phonics, please click on the link there is a page for Y1! We are looking at aw/au v/ve

Hope that you all stay safe and as well as possible.

Kind regards

Mrs Mills



Year 2 Maths: Please look at White Rose Home learning page, from 10x tables to making equal groups- grouping

Year 1 Maths: please do as above but from Adding ones up to order numbers

Enrichment - 12.01.22


Children in Class 2 were given the mission to go on a colour, texture and shape hunt which resulted in some out of the box thinking!


Children worked in teams and were given various objects from indoors and asked to find an object either the same colour, texture and shape from outside. 


We had some mud beauty treatments along the way!  Thank you again for supporting us with outdoor learning clothes.


Our afternoon ended in our Roly Poly competition - such good fun!


Mrs George, Mr Hall and Mrs Sellers  

Enrichment - 5th January 2022


Well yesterday Class 2 went on a Bear Hunt!  We had a wonderful afternoon reading the story and then recreating the story outside using musical instruments to make the sounds relating to the story.   The class worked fantastically in teams and were very welcoming!


Each week the children will get involved in many different activities regardless of the weather.  We will all be using our senses and making sure that we have lots of fun.  Thank you so much for supporting us with appropriate clothes and footwear.


Mrs George, Mr Hall and Mrs Sellers




Welcome back class 2!

 We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!

The children have returned refreshed and ready for learning!

Yesterday, the children had a wonderful time outside doing an orienteering activity, which help to launch our new topic!

Just to confirm with you all, the theme for Enrichment in class 2 this half term, is outdoor learning, so please ensure that your child brings the following on a Wednesday:

Wellington boots, warm, waterproof clothing, joggers, hats.The children will be outside regardless of the weather, so it is important that they are suitably equipped each week.

Many thanks.

Mrs Mills, Mrs Turner, Mrs Sellars and Mr Hall


Hello Class 2!

Hopefully you will have all recovered from your illnesses and regained all your energy and excitement for learning in the half term holiday.

Mrs Mills would like you to bring in an empty pasta sauce jar if you have one at home.  We don't need one each, but the science experiment needs several so we can compare... well that would spoil the surprise!

We are looking forward to hearing about your adventures - and telling you our adventures - and finding out what Andy Bear has been up to.

See you on Tuesday!

Mrs Mills and Mrs Turner

Hello Year 2 children and parents.

Obviously, things are a little confusing right now. We are wanting to ensure that you are all safe.

For those children who are well enough, I am attaching spellings for this week, so that they can be looked at over half term ready for the first week back.

For other home learning activities, please look at the 'Useful Links'part of the website, where you will find links to Oak Academy, BBC bitesize and other activities. Also please look at the Learning To Learn activities too aswell as Timetable Rockstars and PurpleMash.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Mills

Good morning Year 2 parents.

 I have been listening to your children read on a weekly basis and appreciate the work that you are doing at home with them.


I'd like to direct you to the reading section which is under Curriculum/English, to give you ideas of how to deepen yours child's understanding of texts and skills linked to this.

I am aware that children can often whizz through books- while it is great that they read so much, please also work on comprehension skills.


Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Kind regards

Mrs Mills

Keep up the good work!

Just a quick thank you for all your support in the first weeks back at school.  Thanks for reading regularly with your children, reading the school messages, being patient when we are dismissing at the end of the day, for your emails asking quick questions and giving information, and for all the positive comments you have made to us.  It means such a lot to the class 2 team!

Mrs Mills, Mrs Turner, Mrs Sellars and Mr Hall (and Andy Bear)

Learning to Learn Homework. Autumn, 2021

As promised, our learning to learn home work is here.  Mrs Mills and myself would like you to work with your child to produce good quality homework, which is of the highest standard they can manage.  Ideally we would like to see pieces of work from different sections of the skills sheet; but we would be most happy with one that has been done really well and shows skills that have been developed, interests that have been fostered and one of which they are very proud. The tasks are related to our history topic which is looking at how Langar and the surrounding area has changed in recent times.  This also includes looking at their own family history.

We really hope you enjoy doing it together.  If the homework comes in to school in the weeks after half term we will have time to enjoy it as a class.

Thank you very much for your involvement in your children's education.

Mrs Mills and Mrs Turner

Welcome to Class 2 - 2021-2122!


We hope you have had a lovely summer break and are excited to be back. Mrs Mills and I have worked on an exciting curriculum for this term and we are sure the children will have lots of fun while they are learning.

 We have made some changes in preparation for the beginning of the new year.  The classroom looks very similar to how it looked before but we are in the process of developing the outside area.  It is more secure than before and the children will be able to access activities and equipment without it being used as a thoroughfare. 

Our new timetable is attached.  You can see how the split of the year group and teachers work from this.  PE is now on Monday afternoons.  Wednesday afternoon is still enrichment but is no longer PE. 

We will post the homework for Learning to Learn skills a couple of weeks into the term. 

In the mornings there will be one member of staff from the KS1 team greeting you at the door.  If you need to pass a message on then they will happily pass it on to the relevant member of staff.  If you need a chat then please don't hesitate to make an appointment for when we have more time to spend with you.  You may also send emails for regular communication to either Mrs Mills or myself.

Could we also ask that you provide a painting T shirt for your child. An oversized, old one will be fine.  And speaking of clothes - every year we gain jumpers, cardigans, PE kit and even vests!  Please could you make sure that your child comes with named clothing so it can be returned to the rightful owner.  Thank you for your help in this.

We are looking forward to a great year with you this year - hopefully a more normal year!

Best Wishes

Mrs Mills and Mrs Turner

The learning to learn homework is now on this page for you and your children to access. We had a discussion today about how many pieces of work they could do - a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5; the standard I expect - always the child's best work presented as creatively or neatly as possible; and when it is due in - they have until December 13th but it can be brought in as soon as it is completed. I hope they are as excited about it at home as they were in school!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about it, but enjoy working with your children creatively, extending the knowledge they have as well as reinforcing what they have learned at school.


Mrs Turner