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Our class will be even more creative in the final half term of the year.  This will involve more painting.  After chatting to some of the parents, I have heard that the paint (which should be on  the children's paintings) is ending up on clothes. Despite being advertised as washable, it is proving to be a challenge to get out once the children get home.  There are aprons available for the children to wear but they often forget in their excitement to create beautiful pictures. I would like to suggest that the children are provided with an old, over-sized T-shirt to keep at school and protect the children's uniform.  This was trialled on Friday by one of the children who was very excited about it, and she remained paint and clay free on her clothes.  In class 3 this has worked very successfully already.

I hope you all have a well-earned rest over the half term: the children have worked extremely hard and I am very proud of them.

Mrs Turner

Summer Term

A very belated welcome back to the final term of the year.  It was lovely to talk to all of you about the progress your children have made.  They are very settled and working extremely hard.

This is our creative term and we will be making a variety of inventions.  Could I please ask for the children to bring in an egg box next week for our new English book? We are also making cars powered by elastic bands, so if you have any boxes smaller than a teabag box they will help us in the design and creation. 

Thank you for sending the children in their PE kits on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

I would also like to thank all of you for your warm welcome back after my extended absence.  Our parents make Langar a truly wonderful place to work and I feel blessed to know and work with you all.


Mrs Turner

Good Morning


Welcome back to Spring 2.  I hope you have all had a lovely half term break. 


Can't wait to have you all back in the classroom. 


This week I will zoom on Wednesday and Friday : Please check the times below. 


Wednesday at 11.30am  for Joshua, Jacob, Harriet, Chloe, Eva and Annie C.

Wednesday at 1.30pm  for Orla, Kunmi, Darcey, Annie B, Caitlin and Isaac.


Friday for everyone at home at 11.30.  


Please use the same links as before.  See you there. 







Your home learning packs will be ready to pick up after 12.00 pm today. Just pop into the reception and they're in  a box.  Any problems, please let me know. 



Checking In

Hello everyone,

I know a lot more of you will be at home this morning because of the weather warning.  I am just checking that you are all coping with the mammoth job of delivering teaching to your children.  The enthusiasm of the first week will have worn off now, and they will have either settled into a routine or be very difficult to motivate. If there is anything I can do to help motivate your children then please pass on your suggestions.  Mrs Richardson sends a video each morning to get the children going, but I am open to your ideas.

I have put a link on the home learning page for the Oak Academy author of the week. They are providing a free book a week, either to read to your child or for them to read themselves, depending on their abilities. I have also put on a PE challenge for this week if you need an excuse to get out and about.

I look forward to seeing the children on Wednesday on our weekly Zoom.

Mrs Turner and Mrs Nicholson

Hello all parents and children in class 2!

I have put on next weeks home learning page the learning to learn homework for this term.  Obviously you have until the end of term to do this and there is no expectation that it is done in the first half term. But I thought you might like to have an overview of the tasks and you and your child can think about what activities you would like to do to show off your learning.

I hope you have a lovely weekend - you all deserve a good rest for getting through this week.

Best wishes

Mrs Turner

Home Learning

I hope all of you are coping in this emergency lockdown.  I am counting the weeks until you get back!

I have uploaded the timetable for the rest of this week onto the Home Learning page.  The planning for English, Phonics and Science are on subpages.  Any resources you will need are being put into a pack for you to pick up - usually on Thursday morning but this week, any time from now. Maths each day will have an independent sheet.  There is a daily English task and some work to do for phonics progression each day. This is in 3 groups as the children are taught by either myself/Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Lark or Mrs Petchell. There is also some plain paper to use in case it is needed for topic or phonics.

The resources will need to be picked up weekly and the previous weeks work dropped off at the same time so feedback can be given.  If you prefer to scan and email your child's work then please use the class email address. Myself and Mrs Nicholson will be monitoring this daily.

I will upload  a weekly story.  We will also be conducting a weekly zoom lesson.  This is to offer support and so the children can keep in touch with each other.  If you are not available on alternative Wednesdays (Mrs Turner) or Fridays (Mrs Nicholson) then please let us know by reply on the invitation email.  I would respectfully request that an adult is present when a child is on a zoom call.

If you have any questions at all, or need support in any way please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the class email or, if it is an emergency, please telephone the office.

Kind regards

Mrs Turner

End of Term

What an exciting adventure we have had this term! I would like to thank all in class 2 for your support in achieving all we have done since September. The children have skipped into school every morning with a smile on their faces.  Thank you for that.

I hope each family takes time to enjoy and relax over the Christmas break so we can do it all again in January. 

If you find yourselves after the celebrations at a loose end then this link might be fun -

Story Explorers Online | Inspire - Culture, Learning, Libraries

It is an interactive story telling experience for young children called Rainforest Rescue.


The Class 2 team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and best wished for the New Year!

Author Visit


Our visiting author, Wilhelmina H Li, made quite an impression with the children on Tuesday.  We were told all about the bookshop where he lives, the characters in the books who mysteriously come alive, and how the author gets her inspiration for both the illustrations and the story.  Please remember that when it gets cold Wilber wakes up and has adventures in the night so he must be kept warm if we want to be sure he doesn't get up to mischief in the pages of the books that are lying about near him!

Indoor and Outdoor Pizzas - Enrichment 14.10.20


What an afternoon!  Class 2 children have made pizza faces with muffins and vegetable ingredients for baking at home - we hope they enjoy them.


We then went outside and made outdoor face pizzas with leaves, twigs and glorious mud - the photos say it all …


The afternoon ended in a rolling competition complete with certificates!  We have a feeling the children will sleep well tonight.


Mrs George and Mrs Petchell

Author Visit

Dear Parents


I am excited to be able to inform you of a visitor coming to our school on 17th November.  She is a published author and has a new book coming out at the end of October.  I am fortunate enough to have been able to book her for a session with our children in class 1 and 2.  Her book is about a tiny character called Wilber who lives in a bookshop. At night when it is closed he rules the bookshop!


This reminds me of the ideas in the book The Toy Museum which we read last year in class 2.  It has the appeal of The Borrowers and Toy Story rolled into one. 


The children are able to pre-order the book for £6.99 and, because the author herself is delivering them, their books will be signed and accompanied by a free wooden Wilber character to use while they are reading this at home with you.  Miss Li is also going to read the book to the children and give out stickers and bookmarks for all the children.


If you would like a copy of the book for your child, along with a limited edition Wilber then please send in £6.99 in an envelope to the office with your child’s name on by 9th November. There are also pencils with Wilber toppers for £1 and wooden badges for £4.  See also the posters in the classrooms and on the class pages.


Kind regards,


Mrs. Turner

Enrichment - 07.10.20


Class 2 have had such a busy afternoon.  Today we made crumble in a bag and used apples from Mrs Petchell's family apple tree to make the actual apple crumble.   The children enjoyed weighing the ingredients and seeing them turn into crumble. 


After we read the story called Stick Man and went outside and made our own and took them on an adventure.   One Stick Man got stuck in a tree - thankfully he came back down - phew!


Mrs Petchell and Mrs George



Learning to Learn Homework

The learning to learn homework is now on this page for you and your children to access. We had a discussion today about how many pieces of work they could do - a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5; the standard I expect - always the child's best work presented as creatively or neatly as possible; and when it is due in - they have until December 13th but it can be brought in as soon as it is completed. I hope they are as excited about it at home as they were in school!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about it, but enjoy working with your children creatively, extending the knowledge they have as well as reinforcing what they have learned at school.


Mrs Turner

Going Home with a Friend

Dear Parents


Last year began a new tradition of sending home Andy Bear and Trinity with the children at the weekend.  During the weekend the children involved them in their everyday routines and then took pictures and wrote about their adventures. 


We have as yet not sent then home due to restrictions about soft furnishings in schools because of Covid.  We have now reconsidered this and have completed a risk assessment for this activity.  The toys will be sent home after a period of isolation.  Once they are returned to school they will be put into isolation after they have been sprayed with the anti-bacterial spray we use in the school. 


We hope you feel reassured by this but if you are at all unsure about having the toys in your home, please speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance. Be assured that we always put your children’s safety first but this is an educational tool we are keen to reinstate.  However, there will be no pressure to take home the toys from school. 


Best wishes


Mrs Richardson, Mrs Turner and Mrs Nicholson

Rosemary picking and scented pouches - 30.09.20


Thank goodness the camera worked this week!!  This week Mr Fothergill brought into school a large bag of Rosemary and we thought it would be rather lovely to make some scented pouches using our sewing skills.


The children really put their problem solving skills to the test.


Mrs Petchell and Mrs George



The children will be having their photographs taken on Tuesday 22nd September.  Usually we ask that they come in PE kit.  The children DO NOT need to be in PE kit, nor do they need to bring in their kit.  We will be doing an activity which does not require them to get changed. 

Thank you

Mrs Turner

Box modelling - a bugs life! Enrichment 16.09.20


Class 2 have had a wonderful afternoon box modelling bugs as well as decorating bug biscuits and creating some marvellous bug hotels.


The children were so engaged and the time ran away with us.


Mrs Petchell, Mrs George and Mr Hall



Enrichment is back!


Class 2 had a wonderful afternoon creating outdoor scenes and insect pictures using natural materials.  Lots of dirty hands and faces which is a sign of a good day!  The sun was out and wonderful time was had by all!


Mrs George, Mrs Petchell and Mr Hall


Class 2 - Enrichment - 9.9.20

Welcome back to Class 2!


What an amazing start to the new term!  It was lovely to see you all and the children have all settled down to the new environment and to being back in school.


We need to let you know that the PE sessions will be on Tuesday and Friday. The children (and adults) will be able to come in their PE kit and stay in this all day.  On Tuesday it is indoors and the children can wear shorts under their joggers.  If they also bring their plimsols they can change into these from trainers.


All the children should now have their reading book and they will be told this week what day they read on.  Please make sure they bring their books every day as they might be using them in guided reading, or they may read on a different day.


Mrs Nicholson and I are at the door to greet you in the mornings, but if you wish to speak to us for longer then you can email us at or make an appointment.  We are still not able to allow you into the classroom but we can chat privately at the door. 


We look forward to an exciting year working with you and your children.

Mrs Turner, Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Lark

Can you spot your name plate? Joshua made these for us for Monday


We are welcoming some of the children back to school next week, but some are still to be at home.  On the Well-Being page there are some resources which may help the children if they are feeling anxious.  Please do browse and see if there is anything which may be useful to your situation.

Hello Class 2

Mrs Lark and myself have been busy in the classroom, as you can see from the photos. Each of the returning children now has a little work station with everything they need to work safely. All the tables have been measured for distance and are a whopping 2 metres apart. You can still chat to each other but you won't be able to get close to do it.

I wonder if you saw the film clip on Radio Nottingham's Facebook page? Mrs Petchell and Mrs Richardson were hard at work in their class, Mrs Hall and Mr Zisaruk-Gibson were cleaning the equipment in the hall - now the key worker children space.  Our class was a work in progress then but now it is all ready for you to return.

We can't wait for you to get back. Hope you are excited too!

Mrs Turner and Mrs Lark

Our classroom now

Daily Photo Challenge

I set a challenge in the week before half term of taking a different photo everyday.  I have included the remaining 2 weeks of the challenge here. Have fun!

Day 6 – Brushing your teeth

Day 7 – laying on your back and the photo taken from above - two or more heads together look even better

Day 8 – eating your favourite snack  -  messy faces are funnier

Day 9 – making a heart with your hands - can you take it with something in the background through the heart?

Day 10 – holding hands - just the hands

Day 11 – an action shot of running

Day 12 – an action shot of jumping

Day 13 –an action shot of cycling (or being on a scooter)

Day 14 – someone looking out of the window

Day 15 - laughing - the more people who are laughing the better the photo

Year 1 - timetable


Due to the unforeseen delay of welcoming back the children to school, we would like to invite the year 1 children to join in with the timetable put on the website by Mrs Mills for the year 2 children.

Mrs Lark and myself will ensure that the phonics for year 1 will be on the website by Wednesday. 

It is a disappointment for us all but we all want to make sure that it is the safest it can be for your children. 

Continue to stay safe.

Best wishes, Mrs Turner

Mrs Lark's Phonics Group

Dear Class


I thought you might like to have a go at the ELSA Support Wellbeing Calendar for June.  Each activity promotes a sense of wellbeing.  I do hope you enjoy them.  I hope you are all well.  Mrs George smiley

Letter to you all


Hello everyone.

I have just uploaded another story to the video resources page: The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr this time. A very old book from the 60s but still enjoyable to share.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to you all for your continued support.  The work sent to me is of a very high standard and both you and your children should be proud.

Over the half term holiday I won't be setting any home learning for you.  You can still access BBC bitesize and a variety of other online resources but I think it is time for a rest from school work for a week.

Once some of the children are back at school I will not be checking Class 2 emails daily but I want to reassure you that you can still contact me via the office phone or email, or the class email.

Mrs Mills will be taking on the mantle of home learning for the other half of class 2.

I would like to wish you are very restful half term and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Mrs Turner


Finley and his dad were busy in April filming a cooking slot for the Greatest Online Agricultural Show (

If you fancy watching Nottinghamshire's answer to Jamie Oliver you can click this link.  It also gives you an idea of what to do with the glut of strawberries once they have grown.  


Visit to School

I went into our class for the first time since the lockdown started. I took a couple of friends with me - Sherlock Bones and Curly Ewe Jackman. Curly has a change of outfit. Today she is sporting her rainbow coat.  Sherlock also has a variety of outfits but today is just wearing his scarf.  He also has a face mask on as he has had a snuffle and doesn't want to infect anyone.

Curly and Sherlock met Mrs Brown, Mrs Wheelan and went outside to see what Mrs Petchell was up to.  Not in her usual role of teaching children, she was painting the shed. I also wanted to put the new date on for going back to school. None of us know this yet so I just wrote a little part of it with lots of question marks. Perhaps we might find out at the end of the week.

Please keep sending in photos of yourselves and what you are doing.  I am going to make a big scrap book when we get back so you can all share your adventures.  

Class 2


Just a quick note about this resource.  It is designed to be used daily and has a schedule which builds on this.  The best way to learn tables is by repetition. The schedule begins with the 2x and then adds other tables, going back to reinforce learning over time. As we are now several weeks on, the tables offered have become dependant on earlier learning. I have reset this back to 2,5,10 to allow for the fact that it has been the Easter holiday and children have not been accessing it on a daily basis.  Please make sure you have a go at using this.  The timer can be off-putting but if it is, then set it to the maximum time and give a target such as at least 10 calculations. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Weekly update - 20th April 2020

Hello and welcome back after the Easter holiday. 

I hope you all managed to celebrate in some way and are refreshed, re-energised and relaxed.

I have uploaded next week's timetable.  Please continue to feed back your child's achievements and celebrate their learning with me.  I am looking forward to putting someone else on the virtual display board.

Thank you to all those who sent me an email.  It was lovely to have photos as well as news of the class so please keep that up.  It was lovely to hear messages from the children too.

Keep looking on the School App for ideas from Mrs Brown and any communication regarding school.

Keep safe,

Mrs Turner xx




As we approach our Easter holiday I want to reassure you that I will still be available to answer emails and look at any work or pictures you chose to send me.  I have put the timetable on a new page, to stop it getting mislaid with all the other messages, which you can access via the home learning.  There is also an internal link button on this page. 


The timetable this week has suggestions of activities to do each day but this is more relaxed than the 'normal' time table.  There is also a quiz to take up.  There will be a winner with a prize waiting for you back at school when we return! The bonus question is pretty tricky and a bit of tie breaker.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for working so hard to support the children in this hiccough on their educational journey.  Your support for me has also meant a lot and I appreciate your kind words.


I would like to put out a plea for Andy Bear.  I do not know what he has been doing. Has he done PE with Joe Wicks? Has he painted rainbows to put on the window? Is he working hard on Purple Mash or Times Tables Rock Stars? If he could send a picture or two we can share on here his adventures - which I am sure none of us thought he would be having when you met him in September!


Watch this space for news of video teaching after Easter, daily BBC bitesize, White Rose maths and other subject specific lessons. Also please take advantage of the resource on this page which gives the children focused activities to supplement the ones we have timetabled.


My Easter will be different from the one I had planned. No visit to my brother in Scotland, no Palm cross from church or dawn service with porridge and hot cross buns on Easter morning.  But I will be celebrating, albeit in a quiet way.


Class 2 - Week 2

We are into the second week of the lockdown affecting us all because of the Covid-19 virus.  I am enjoying the work that has been completed by the children. The purple mash activities are being completed by nearly all of the children.  There are some who have not yet had a go at any of them.  Please try to find time to complete the activities - some of them recap skills we have learned in class, some are developing this skills or giving the opportunity to learn new skills.  The quizzes are good fun and give me an opportunity to give feedback to the children directly. 

I have really appreciated the emails and messages sent by the children and would encourage you to keep doing this.  I will also reiterate the message sent by Mrs Brown about weekly contact.  It is important for all of us to keep in touch so you know you are being supported and I am aware of any issues you are having with the work set. 

The weather is not as sunny as last week so I am sure the days are longer for you as the children are not able to spend as much time outdoors.  Mrs Bradley has sent me some lovely pictures of the boys doing a Lego challenge and I will be including this in our weekly timetable.

Stay safe and well,

Mrs Turner





Hello Class 2!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and making the most of being outside.  I have enjoyed looking at the work you have been doing on purple mash.  I have received by email a lovely postcard from Eva and would love to see other work you have been doing.  The email address is

I am also posting a quiz which has been created by Bill Dargue from the Langar 4 Kids website.  Let me know how you get on and send in your work. 

It has been suggested that the children create their own diary of the events that are happening from their perspective.  Something for the time capsule to look back on in years to come!

Keep checking the page for updates, photos and news.

Much (teacher) love to you all

Mrs T xx

In case you forget what I look like... I was enjoying the last bit of freedom last Sunday doing what I enjoy doing when I am not teaching

Planning timetable for 30/03/2020

Purple Mash Blog



I have uploaded the instructions for accessing the blog on Purple Mash.  This is like a Whatsapp and has open comments for all the class to see.  I am able to answer questions or comments and the rest of the class are able to see these and comment on them too.

To support the children if there is a school closure, we have put together learning packs to help meet some of the children's educational needs.  Obviously this isn't ideal but we are all 'Keeping Calm and Carrying on'! Each week we are closed there will be a timetable uploaded to give structure to the day. These are guidelines and follow the National Curriculum in terms of content.  They give ideas of what to do at different times of the day.  Some of them rely on having access to a computer but some are practical.  The children's work will automatically be saved so I can check the progress they are making and give them feedback.  The children can also use a private blog to create their own learning journey.

Parents will have the opportunity to create their own accounts giving you the ability to assist your child with logging in, seeing activities set and work shared.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this trying time.

Mrs Turner

Timetable - 23/March/2020

Class 2 PE will be changing after half term to being outside sessions on a Friday. I am therefore requesting that children come into school on Fridays wearing their outdoor PE kit, a white t-shirt (so they can leave the yellow one at school - for indoor sessions), tracksuit bottoms, trainers and a school jumper/ cardigan/fleece. This will alleviate time lost getting changed and make a smoother transition between activities.
Thanks for your support.

Good afternoon

On Thursday the children will come home with a piece of paper asking about favourite books.  This is asking for the books you enjoyed reading as a child. We are comparing the books of different generations and why they are liked.  Any information given will be gratefully received and used in our History lessons!

Many thanks for your support in our learning.

Mrs Turner

Hello Again

Just a quick note of reassurance for parents.  The learning to learn homework I have posted is for a range of abilities in both year 1 and year 2.  If you chose the written tasks, I do not have expectations that the written work you and your child do will exceed that ability expected for their age group.  A report from a year 1 emerging writer will have more pictures and less writing than that of a child who can independently write several sentences.  Don't let the writing put you off! Above all - enjoy it. 

Also can I remind you all that even when names are in jumpers they can end up in the wrong book bag or on the wrong peg.  Please check that you have your own child's jumper.  We do our best to ensure that jumpers stay with the correct child but we don't always get it right.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Mrs Turner and Mrs Lark

Welcome back to the new term!

A warm welcome to all those new to class 2.  It seems strange to have a completely different set of children and parents. 

The children have had a very settled start and adapted to the new adults in the class remarkably quickly.  They are working hard already and producing some amazing work. 

Our topic this term is history based and looks at changes within living memory.  Look out for lots of questions about what it was like for you and for grandparents when you were young. We also have a new class mascot - 'Andy Bear' who will be coming home with each of the children during the year.  He has a diary and would like you to help you child write a little bit about the adventures you have at the weekend.  Pictures and photos would be welcome too!

I have attached the autumn term's L2L homework.  I would reiterate the advice I gave to the class last year -

Firstly, presentation is very important.  Care should be taken so it can be appreciated for the effort and time it has taken.  Secondly, I do not expect lots of pieces, but fewer pieces done well.  This will help with presentation, but also the pressure to complete every item on the list is removed.  Lastly, it is about sharing learning with family and having fun while doing it.  Thank you so much for your support in this matter. I know how precious time at home is and appreciate the effort of completing our creative projects at home.

I look forward to seeing you at our 'Meet the Teacher' session and later at the parent/teacher meetings.  Look out for photos of your children and what they have been up to in class.

Mrs Turner and Mrs Lark

Autumn Learning to Learn Homework

What an amazing day the children had at Grantham Canal last Thursday.  I am sure they have told you lots about it. One family even had a return visit this weekend!  Their behaviour was excellent, and they listened and answered questions in thoughtful and imaginative ways. Here are some of the photos of them enjoying their day.  

Pond dipping at Langar

Because we are looking forward to our trip on Thursday, we decided we needed to check out the wildlife in our own pond.  We will be comparing these little creatures, and perhaps learning the names, to the ones found in the canal.  Watch out for the photos of the trip!

End of Key Stage 1 Assessments - Information booklet for parents

Class 2 Sharing Assembly

I am so incredibly proud of Class 2 after the amazing Sharing Assembly today.  They shared their favourite piece of work and all were very brave when introducing each section to be presented.    I have also really enjoyed looking at the creative homework this term.  The memory boxes have been my particular favourite, with the interviews coming a close second. But I have been most impressed with the knowledge the children gain from the experience of doing this at home with you.  Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this activity.  Your support this morning was also very important as the children love to show off what they have  been doing in the class.  Such a lot has been achieved in the last two terms by the children. 

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a restful break leading into the busy summer term.

Mrs Turner


Thank you so much everyone, for helping your children to enter the competition I set.  The standard was very high, with the children really trying to do their best to be in with a chance of winning one of the prizes.  All the children were given a pencil and a small chocolate for entering. 

The winners were - Year 3; Mollie Crowder, Year 2; Arlen Des Forges and the wild card lucky dip went to Harry Smalley.  Well done everyone.  Look out for the next competition in the summer term...


World Book Day Prizes


A very belated Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to the Spring Term. 

The children have bounced into their new topic which is geography based.  We are visiting a country in each continent as well as learning lots of valuable skills in geography. 

Sarah Outen sent a message to the children asking them to plan a trip around the world for her and you can visit that link here.

Our learning 2 learn homework is here as well as the copy sent home with the children. Hope you will have lots of fun doing this term's tasks.


Mrs Turner 

L2L Homework, class 2

Enterprising children!

Christmas Stall Enterprise

A massive thank you to all of you who sent in the bicarb for our project.  As you can see from the photos, the children had a tremendous time making these and have produced fabulous bath bombs which will be available at the Christmas Fair.  All the ingredients are natural and non-toxic and there is a list on the tag of what they contain. 

If you wish to make some of these during the holidays with your child I will be putting the recipe here on our page after the fair.

See you there!

Mrs Turner

Class 2 Update

Welcome back after the long-awaited half term. It was lovely to meet with you at the parents' evening consultation and have a chance to talk about your children's progress.  Class 2 children work extremely hard and it is a joy to show off their achievements.

The next half term is full of exciting things, the first being Anti-bullying Week starting on Monday.  The theme for this year is Choose Respect.  Don't forget to get the old socks sorted on Tuesday for Odd Socks Day!  The children will be doing lots of activities  including Friendship Friday. 

Please remember to ask your children about these activities and they will be able to chat to you about how they will Choose Respect.


Mrs Turner

End of Year Expectations Booklets

Class news

I am amazed by the work you have been doing at home with your children for their homework.  You are stimulating their imagination and increasing their skills and knowledge. Thank you.

We all enjoyed the baking this week.  Mrs Petchell was busy working with the year 2s increasing their awareness of what to do with a potato! She also helped the children stew some fruit and produce a healthy pudding.  If you want to recreate it the recipe is attached here and the children will tell you how to do it.

Just to remind you that we have sent home two important letters this week. 

I have received funding from the PTA which has enabled us to reduce the cost of the trip to just £7.75.  Please ensure that you pay on squid as soon as possible.  If your child normally has school lunches then they will be provided with a school packed lunch.  If they bring in sandwiches then they can either bring one in as normal, preferably in as little packaging as possible, or you can order one through squid. The children will be going into the caves so they really need to be wrapped up warm. 

The parents' consultation letter has also been sent home and I am booking appointments already. The timings for your ten minute appointment are in half hour blocks and begin at 1pm until 6pm.   The classrooms will be open for you to browse the children's work.

Looking forward to meeting you then.


Mrs Turner

Children's uniform

 We are still mislaying jumpers and cardigans.  Please can I ask that you, in some way, name your child's clothes.  Our classroom gets hot in the afternoon, the children take them off, put them down and forget where they have left them.  If you have no names to sew in, why not try sewing in a coloured button or a mark that your child can identify.  With so many children in the school with unnamed jumpers and cardigans of similar sizes it is tricky to match the correct piece of clothing with the correct child. 

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Mrs Turner

Autumn Class 2 Learning to Learn homework


For those of you who, like me, find pieces of paper have a habit of ending up in the same place as odd socks, I am putting the Learning to Learn home here for future reference.

I spoke to the children about several things to do with completing this homework. Firstly, presentation is very important.  Care should be taken so it can be appreciated for the effort and time it has taken.  Secondly, I do not expect lots of pieces, but fewer pieces done well.  This will help with presentation, but also the pressure to complete every item on the list is removed.  Lastly, it is about sharing learning with family and having fun while doing it. 

Thank you so much for your support in this matter. I know how precious time at home is and appreciate the effort of completing our creative projects at home. 



 Our first full week back


It has been an exhausting week packed full of activities. The children really enjoyed tasting the results of our stone age fruit and nut bars.  I have put a link to the recipe below.  The recipe states pulsing in a blender but not only did stone age people not have blenders, I tried it that way and it wasn't as good!

We were scared as we crawled into caves to see the cave paintings.  We found bugs in a bug hunt, worked as a team in PE and ended up the week doing some meditation.  My socks were blown off with the children's writing and we have worked incredibly hard in maths.

I have also found a facebook link to developing children's growth mindset that you can try at home.

We are looking forward to our first whole school RE day this year and more exciting adventures.

Best Wishes

Mrs Turner

Welcome to Class 2 and the Autumn Term!


What an amazing start to the new academic year!  The children were keen to come in, they were attentive and so listened well, they looked very smart and had loads to tell us about their break.  It was lovely to welcome back familiar faces and new ones.

Look out for news about our topic, our homework, our trip and special occasions we have planned for this term.

Our topic is called Stone Age Boy and we are looking at prehistory and all that it entailed to live back then.

I welcome chats from parents, but please make an appointment for longer discussions.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the 'Meet Your Teacher' half hour next Tuesday.



Mrs Turner