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Langar Church of England Primary School

Family Feedback

Parent Surveys September 2022 


Quality of Education

  • School will give feedback happily if you ask for it
  • Both of our children will always have the fondest memories of this wonderful school
  • Children at other schools seem to get a far greater level of homework which could support greater understanding of interests and topics
  • The end of term updates and parent evenings are useful for letting us know how our child is progressing. The parent evenings work well as a virtual meeting.
  • It sounds like there is a good mix of subjects. My child says that his favourite subjects are history and science but he finds maths boring and it's therefore more difficult to concentrate on.
  • Parents evenings were useful and provided relevant information. I’m not sure that the reports did that (apart from the final one). Rewards system is limited
  • With less chance to check in with teachers harder to accertain how things are going, using the presumption no news is good news currently.
  • New curriculum sent out and communicated well but the website is hard to navigate to be able to access this in any meaningful way as a parent and to understand which applies to my child in joint year classes
  • Agree, although I think the curriculum information online is tricky to navigate. Perhaps visual curriculum webs per term might be an easier snapshot
  • My children always come home telling us what they have done and are enthusiastic about what they have learned.


Personal Development

  • Had a very happy year last academic year. Is still settling into this academic year but seems happy
  • My child is always happy at school!
  • Would say strongly agree (that my child is happy) apart from current new school year wobbles
  • Our child has had minor anxieties leaving home since Covid. She has no anxieties about going to school, she is happy, safe and loves being there
  • The ELSA program has been fantastic for our child's mental well being.
  • A special mention for Mrs George and the work she does with ELSA. She is always very caring, knowledgeable and approachable.


Behaviour and Attitudes

  • The behaviour of the KS2 children at the KS1 sports day really showcased the schools culture
  • The school has high expectations in terms of behaviour and values which is fantastic. Unsure if they have high expectations in terms of stretching ability.
  • Waiting in the playground or walking around the village - the pupils are always polite
  • He is happy to attend which I take is a sign of safety
  • There are sometimes disruptions because of poor behaviour from one or two children, but this is dealt with compassionately it seems to minimise the impact on the other children


Leadership and Management

  • Mrs Brown is an exceptional headteacher.
  • Would be strongly agree (that staff are approachable and caring) but new drop off procedures reduce approach ability of teaching staff significantly
  • Generally yes, although I think communication during this critical transition to KS1 period could be improved (pastoral settling in email , photo sent home of first week for example)
  • As a result of covid I feel there has been a negative impact and lack of community involvement from the school. The communication from the school is not always positive and can be negative with a lack of partnership working. I have been really happy with Mr Owen Jones as a teacher however the lack of homework issued is a little concerning compared to other schools. I have great concern with the quality of teaching in class 2&3 and the impact this has had on the progress my children have made.
  • My children have thrived at the school. We are so pleased with their academic progression and personal development from Reception all the way to year 6. The teachers do a fantastic job and my children love the school. Its been amazing to watch them grow in their school journey. We wouldn’t have wanted our children to attend any other school.
  • No cause for concern. Good communication
  • We have opportunity to ask if we would like this information
  • Some information pasted between school and parents can be miss communicated
  • The reception teachers are very friendly and approachable
  • Communication is sometimes a little unclear, incorrect or sometimes verging on a telling off. Whilst I recognise that some messages are important for all parents, the tone of emails/letters/notifications does not always feel appropriate for a whole school message.



Ofsted Parent View 6/7/2022 – 37 families responded (60%)

10/5/2021 - Parent Questionnaire 


We carried out a questionnaire to collect the views of parents about the school. These questions are asked by OFSTED and parents can submit these views electronically. 60 out of 65 families returned their questionnaires. One family represents 1.7%


My child is happy at this school - 100% of parents agree with this statement 

He absolutely loves going to school and has a great bond with the teachers

She loves school so much!

Both enjoy school and talk about what they have done 

Loves her teachers and there is a great sense of family

She has undoubtedly found this year very upsetting but loves being around her peers

Our child loves going to school

Any disquiet relates to normal childhood unrest wither peers


My child feels safe at this school - - 100% of parents agree with this statement 


The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved - 98.3% of parents agree with this statement 

Their values and behaviour model is significant to this

Hard to say as I am not in the classroom environment 

My children really understands the values of the school and will discuss these at home

I am a little concerned about my child’s behaviour for learning, but behaviour around school is excellent


The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year - 88.3% of parents agree with this statement 

It is available on line and that is great, I often forget to check – this is mainly for the younger ones. Sometimes the odd paper letter is nice too (and class 4)

The school website has a very helpful summary of the topics that will be covered each term

This has been nice during periods of home-schooling. Our son is not great at reporting back what he has learned in school although we ask about this daily.

It would be good to have sight of the medium term plan so that we have a little more detail on what is going to be learned 

Unaware of the topic for the term

At this age, I seem to understand the over-riding plan for the year but don’t feel I have full insight into termly topics/ goals

Spellings, times-tables and short info about topics going to be covered would be great 


This information is available on the website in the 'Academic Excellence' section of the 'Curriculum' page. Academic Excellence - Curriculum Subjects | Langar C of E Primary School 


The whole school follows the same model for which foundation subject leads the topic each term. Discover topics in the autumn term are history led, Explore topics in the spring term are geography and Create in the summer term are arts led. 


On the curriculum page you will also see sub pages for each subject. On these pages you find documents that show the coverage of the knowledge and skills for that subject for each year group. This is the maths document PowerPoint Presentation ( and on other pages these are called 'skills ladders'.


When I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly - 88.3% of parents agree with this statement and 11% did not know as they had never raised a concern 


The school has high expectations for my child - 95% of parents agreed with this statement and 1.7% did not know 

Hard to say as he is young and hasn’t been in school very long, but I think they have high expectations in terms of behaviour

They have appropriate expectations

Yes, but not to the point that teachers are ‘pushy’ and as parents the teachers expectations are what we want

Set homework for older classes would be great and beneficial for older children as it will help them to be familiar with it before secondary

Since the return of Mr Zisaruk-Gibson it has been made clear the expectations of our child and what they could potentially achieve

I am concerned that my child is not being challenged in class. The expectations do not seem to be high.

Our child feels the school expects him to do his best


My child does well at this school - 98.3% of parents agree with this statement 

Not sure due to difficulties he has

We are so proud of how our child is progressing

Mr Zisaruk-Gibson focuses on drawing the best out of children individually


The school lets me know how my child is doing - 100% of parents agree with this statement

I think in the current situation it is difficult as there is much less opportunity to chat to teachers at pick up and drop off times. It probably would be good to have slightly more regular updates, especially at the moment. Though the school always encourages you to contact teachers if you have any particular queries or concerns.

It would be good to have the class pages updated more regularly with what the children are doing more generally so we can talk to our son about those things

Pleased there was a parents evening to follow the tick sheet to clearly explain

Yes, I strongly agree now – the termly reports are very helpful to monitor progress throughout the year

10 mins parents evening not long enough to cover all subjects and ask any questions.

Really insightful feedback from Mr Owen-Jones


There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school - 100% pf parents agree with this statement 

I was impressed that he had the opportunity to have some music lessons

I really value the enrichment activities and creative curriculum to support my children’s learning 

A great range pf subjects and especially the inclusion of enrichment afternoons that the children really enjoy and learn from, shows schools commitment to the development of the whole child and not just academically. 

The schools’ enrichment has been overwhelmingly significant in her love of school

I do agree, however, there has been some repetition of some subjects/ topics


My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school - 95% of parents agreed with this statement and 1.7% did not know 

Seems to be a variety of extra-curricular activities on offer, albeit not for reception age children

There used to be excellent provision in this regard to it has been negatively affected by Covid restrictions 

My child is enjoying Magical Maths

Enjoys tennis and drumming. Lots of other activities available too.

We are very pleased about the activities (singing club and recorders) available

When Covid restrictions allow

These haven’t been as readily available due to Covid so hard to say

If it were not for Covid  

Not been possible due to Covid restrictions but I know prior to Covid lots of clubs and activities were available and hopefully soon will be back up and running


The school supports my child’s wider personal development - 98.3% of parents agreed with this statement and 1.7% did not know 

Yes, it’s not all about the school curriculum – there is also an emphasis on wider values and behaviour e.g. good leadership

We are very appreciative of ELSA sessions and the support Mrs George has given us

As a family we really appreciate the fantastic ELSA support and Mrs George for her role in helping our child and his anxiety 

We appreciated the ELSA sessions on bereavement. The children were helped enormously by Mrs George during a difficult experience for them. Music education lessons are greatly valued.  

I think this is a real strong point for the school

The care that all Langar members of staff have for the children is second to none!

ELSA superb!


5% of parents told us their child has SEND

All of those families agreed with the statement - My child has SEND, and the school gives them the support they need to succeed

I think not screening for dyslexia is disappointing. However, TA support is amazing

SEND needs are supported exceptionally well.


93.3% of families said that their child had not experienced bullying

One family agreed that the school dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively, two families disagreed with this statement and one family did not know 


100% of parents would recommend the school to other families 


General Comments

Class 1

Although my child hasn’t been at the school very long, especially as he missed almost a term due to lockdown, my experience so far has been incredibly positive. His progress this year has been incredible.


His teachers are always friendly, positive and seem to love what they do. We had amazing support during the school closure, with a weekly pack of resources provided so we were ready with minimal preparation needed from parents and a very helpful and easy to follow timetable which gave us much-needed sense of routine. I felt like I could contact my child’s teacher whenever I needed to with any questions or concerns. I wasn’t to express my thanks to the very hard-working teachers and staff for such a positive start to my child’s schooling, in spite of incredibly challenging set of circumstances.


Highly supportive. Teaching staff within reception truly care about the children and want them to be happy and successful. Staff even outside of their direct teachers always interact and my children making school feel like a welcoming and friendly place to be. SEND needs are supported exceptionally well.


We are happy with the school and the support they give us


We feel so blessed that our child goes to such a caring and nurturing school – thank you!  


After what has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone, we are relieved to note that our children are finally feeling more settled in their school lives. There has been an impact on teaching and learning, which has particularly affected our youngest child’s progress - year 1.  


The staff clearly care about each child’s development and work hard to make every day a positive experience. Thank you. 


Would definitely recommend this school! Outstanding!


We have been really happy with eth progress our son is making. He is very happy at school. We were very impressed and grateful for all the hard work from the staff over the past year.


Both my boys are happy at school and enjoy their learning. Staff know my boys and family well which is one of the reasons we chose a small school. Staff are approachable and supportive. I hope when things return to normal children will be able to mix again as one of the draws of a village school is the sense of community. E.g. older children looking after younger children at playtimes/ lunch etc. It has been a difficult year for the children and staff, my boys have experienced lockdown/ staff changes (I understand out of your control) but they are feeling settled and I look forward to some continuity…. I know the teachers will appreciate some ‘normal’ too! 


We are so lucky to have such a fantastic school in our village. A happy, vibrant school that supports learning and development of the ‘whole child’. An extremely supportive staff team with the children at the centre of all they do. Extremely supportive during the past year and throughout lockdowns, ensuring children had great learning opportunities and still felt connected in what was a challenging time for us all.


My children are thriving at school. They enjoy going to school every single day. The teachers are caring, kind, compassionate and encourage and support my children daily. I am always assured my children’s needs are met physically, emotionally and their wellbeing is the school’s priority. I feel very lucky my children go to such an exceptional school.  


I chose Langar as the best school for my children despite being out of catchment, and I don’t regret that for a second. It’s an excellent school that I feel genuinely has my children’s best interests at heart. The staff work extremely hard in very challenging circumstances at times, e.g. the global pandemic. Overall, I’m very impressed with the provision. 


My children feel safe and happy, and that’s very important to us. There is excellent rapport with the class teachers. We are happy with their progression; the teaching, school ethics and my children know how well they are doing and what they need to do to achieve. Staff know my children well and show genuine care and interest for their academic learning, and their wellbeing and development. We wouldn’t want them to go anywhere else.


Delighted to see Mr Zisaruk-Gibson back in class and inspiring our children to learn. A huge well done to Mrs Brown and all the staff at Langar to have successfully navigated the trials and tribulations of this pandemic period. We are extremely grateful and thankful for all the support you have offered children and families over this time – thank you!


We are happy with Langar school and the level of teaching has improved following lockdown. My child is eager to attend each morning. I like that the school are providing ELSA class sessions in enrichment time.

Our child loves going to school! As we have recently moved, we (very briefly) contemplated moving schools, but this wasn’t seriously entertained by us and certainly wasn’t discussed with our child. We are very happy with our child’s care and education at Langar, he is thriving! Thank you, we couldn’t wish for a happier, healthier school.


Whole heartedly we would recommend Langar and we hope to send our other son in three years-time. We can’t thank all the staff enough for their continued support, kindness and care!


Since moving my children to Langar they have wanted to come to school every day and as a parent that is amazing. They have settled in well and enjoy the small-school family feel.


The most recent parent’s’ evening left us feeling very positive about how our child is being supported and educated after what has been a worrying time (having had so much time away from classroom environment). We feel excited that Mr Zisaruk-Gibson can see the potential in our daughter and that he will be encouraging her to reach the highest level of her potential.


The school has demonstrated how they are going to get children back on track emotionally and educationally after Covid. We believe that of ‘MOST’ staff. We have always thought this school has been exceptional to both of our children, it is wonderful and caring community school.


I love Langar School. I feel PSHE, values and RE are very effectively taught. However, I am concerned about the level of challenge in class, lack of high expectations and behaviour for learning


Overall happy with where both children are and how they are doing and supported 


All of our four children have enjoyed their time at Langar, and it will be the end of an era when our youngest leaves in July. Thank you to all of the Langar team who have supported our brood through their formative years. We are pleased to see the school back engaging with the local community, it is a real asset to both Langar and Barnstone.


We have been absolutely thrilled with the curriculum, care and support of our son since joining this school. There is a deeply supportive and varied curriculum. It feels our son is the best he has been for some time. Thank you dearly.


Although we are fairly new to this school and Covid restrictions came into force shortly afterwards, my child has settled very well, is very happy and likes going to school here. I as a parent feel confident my child is safe, happy and doing well. The head and teachers together with teaching assistants are all friendly, approachable and dedicated. The school is small but has lovely facilities and a caring, nurturing environment and I would highly recommend it to other parents.




Our child’s overall experience at Langar has been incredibly positive. Thank you for helping and supporting her and allowing her to be herself.


The Key Stage 2 provision in this school is exemplary!

Remote Learning Review

Post-Covid Changes