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Langar Church of England Primary School

Collective Worship

The four-part worship gives time for children to gather, engage with the word, reflect or respond to what they have heard and consider how they will carry what they have learned to serve in the world. The year-long plan is self-written and is based around the school values.


 Inclusive – Our acts of worship recognise that pupils and staff come from homes of different faith backgrounds as well as no faith backgrounds. Children discover what the bible teaches about how to live, people who have lived this way and how they can live out these values. This makes it inclusive as these are universal and British values. Care is taken to ensure that language used by those facilitating worship avoids assuming faith of those participating, listening or watching.


Invitational – In our acts of worship, there is no compulsion to ‘do anything’. Rather, worship provides the opportunity to engage whilst allowing the freedom of those of different faiths and those who profess no religious faith to be present and to engage with integrity. Pupils and adults are invited to participate, pray and sing.


Inspiring –  By asking and discussing big questions and learning about inspirational Christians, children and adults are motivated into action. There are opportunities to think, reflect and ponder on their and the wider community’s behaviour and actions


Pupils play an active part in worship. The Worship Leaders lead worship bi-weekly and class worship allows other pupils to do the same. Worship Leader retreat days and training sessions enable them to flourish in their role.

Collective Worship Annual Plan 2023 - 24