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Langar Church of England Primary School

School Lettings

Lettings Policy Statement

Policy Objectives

The governors adopt and endorse the County’s Lettings Policy and recognise the principles therein, namely that school premises:-

  1. are a valuable community resource;
  2. represent a significant capital investment and should be fully utilised ;
  3. that a profit margin would be welcome when derived from private or commercial usage but are not the objective when facilitating improved outcomes for children and young people or educational activity by designated users.


Priority Usage
The governors have adopted the following categories of priority user :-

  1. statutory users;
  2. designated users;
  3. private users.


Applications for Designated Status
The governing body have delegated their power to determine designated status to the Head teacher who will exercise discretion on their behalf and determine applications. The outcome of such decisions shall be reported to the governing body each term. The headteacher will arrange for a list of approved organisations to be maintained. This does not preclude the Head teacher from referring sensitive applications to the full governing body at his/her/their discretion.


Categories of Designated and Private User
The governors have decided that for the purpose of charging the statutory users will be:

  • Pre-school Learning Alliance (PSLA) 

The Designated users will be:

  • Parish Council
  • Health services
  • Church
  • Community Groups

Use of the school building by the PTA will be non chargeable.
These groups of users will be reviewed annually by the Governing Body, if necessary the Head Teacher may implement temporary changes to these groups pending a final decision by the Governing Body.
The governors have decided that for the purpose of charging there will be 2 categories of other users.
These are private and commercial.


Conditions of Hire
Modelled on the LA lettings

Administration of Lettings
Lettings are administered through the school office.

The governors recognise that it would be impossible for them to personally vet every applicant or organisation who wish to make use of the school premises. Accordingly they have delegated the authority to accept applications for hire to the Head Teacher.

No member of staff is allowed to vary that in terms and conditions from which the school premises are hired to either individuals or organisations nor to deviate from the governors published charging policy.

Lettings Documentation
All hiring must be appropriately documented and a minimum charge of £1 will apply to ensure that there is consideration of the hiring contract, All hirers must complete a lettings of hire agreement and are to receive a copy of the conditions of hire. The hire agreement is a contract which the governors may enforce at law.


Scale of Charges
In arriving at their scale of charges the governors have followed the following principles :-

  1. that statutory users will be charged an amount commensurate with cost recovery;
  2. that designated users will be charged a fee that reflects a small return to cover other expenses;
  3. that private and commercial users will be charged on a cost plus an income margin for the school ;
  4. that there will be parity of treatment for similar users see (iii);
  5. that overall the cost of letting school facilities will be recovered from users.


For the purpose of charging, the Head Teacher is empowered to determine to which group any particular individual or organisation belongs. The basis of charging will be determined by the purpose for which a letting is arranged.

The scale of charges forms Appendix 1 to this policy statement.

Value Added Tax
The governors are constrained by law to apply value added tax to all transactions where this is appropriate.

Minimum charges and deposits
The governors reserve the right to require a deposit over and above the hiring charge as a surety against damage to the premises (including any equipment ) or the premises being left in an unacceptable condition necessitating their incurring additional cost for cleaning, caretaking or other expenses.

Governors will seek to recover any cost incurred by the school which are unavoidable and result directly from the cancellation of a letting. Details of the charges are shown in the scale of charges in Appendix 1.

Payment methods
The governors are mindful of their responsibilities in safeguarding the school from bad debt. Therefore payment at the time of booking is the norm. Cheques or cash are both acceptable but cheques should, wherever possible, be supported by a guarantee card. In all cases, where cash or cheques are paid over, then an official receipt must be issued.


The governors will not normally insist upon continuous caretaking presence but would expect a nominated responsible person to be present.

Review of Policy
The governors will review the policy each year in the month of March and the scale of hire charges for the forthcoming year will also be reviewed and updated.


Appendix 1

All bookings are to be made using the standard Nottinghamshire County Council form.


Payment to be made at the time of booking
Standard Hire Charges from 01/04/13 until 31/03/14

Caretaker’s fee (calculated as per current NCC rates) if required

Charges for private and commercial users

  • Hall/Langar Room/kitchen £15.00 per hour
  • Langar Room alone £10 (first hour) £5 every subsequent hour

Charges for designated users

  • Hall/Langar Room/kitchen £7.50 per hour
  • Langar Room alone £5.00 per hour


  • A refundable deposit of £25 is required for private bookings

Cancellation Charge

  • A charge of £10 is required if cancellation is made within 24hours of the hire period.

The school reserves the right to charge for any damage incurred during the letting.

A discount of 20% is available to school staff.

Opening and closing the building

Regular users

  • To be provided with a key and alarm fob

Casual Users

  • May require the assistance of a keyholder

Hirers will be provided with information about using the building, its facilities and emergency procedures. Half an hour at either side of the hire period is given for setting up and clearing away.


Conditions Of Usage

1. Any movement of furniture required must be undertaken by the hirer under the direction of the caretaking staff of the school. No furniture or apparatus is to be used without prior permission.

2. The authorised hirer is responsible for those attending the function and in particular for leaving the site in a quiet and orderly fashion by the time stated in the booking agreement.

3. Where car parking is required, the hirer must undertake the proper stewarding and control of the parking area in collaboration with the police where necessary. The hirer must maintain safe entry and exit from the premises and provide and maintain clear access for emergency vehicles and service vehicles.

4. No alcoholic drinks may be consumed or brought onto the premises unless written permission has been applied for and received from the Governing Body or Head Teacher. No alcoholic drinks may be sold without a magistrate’s license, and this must be shown in advance to the Governing Body or Head Teacher. Safety regulations require that no alcoholic drinks are stored or consumed in the kitchen area.

5. The hirer is responsible for the protection of the premises from damage, for the good behaviour of all associated users, and ensuring that alcoholic drinks, where permitted, are consumed in moderation when brought onto the premise for a function.

6. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all areas are left clean and tidy as found. This includes all outside areas as well as indoor areas. If this is not found to be the case the hirer will be charged a penalty sum to cover costs of any repairs or cleaning required.

7. No school staff are permitted to accept hospitality gifts, either cash or in kind, at any time. We request that no gifts of this nature are offered.

8. No confetti or rice is to be thrown on the premises.

9. Only adults preparing food are permitted access to the kitchen, where an agreement has been made. Kitchen regulations must be adhered to at all times. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the kitchen certificate is signed at the beginning and the end of the let.

10. The school’s No Smoking Policy must be adhered to at all times.

11. The hirer must report to the caretaker, or appropriate member of staff, PTA or Governing Body, at the beginning of any let. Where deposits have been paid for a function, the hirer must meet with the kitchen supervisor (or their representative) to sign the Kitchen Certificate, accepting the condition of the premises as acceptable at the beginning and the end of the hire period.

12. The hirer must show public liability insurance cover as part of their booking agreement.

13. The hirer will adhere to all aspects of the our lettings policy at all times through the procedure of applying for and accepting a let on our premises.

14. All children will be supervised at all times by their carers except where children are attending an organised group or care scheme. Where the latter applies, the group/care scheme will adhere to all regulations set out in the Children Act 1989, including those of registration with the relevant registering body and other relevant legislation.

15. The hirer’s signature on the application form confirms his/her agreement of the above conditions of booking and all other aspects of our school Lettings Policy.

16. The hirer will adhere to all Health and Safety requirements as required by the school.

17. No stiletto heels or similar objects are allowed in the hall area.

18. No food or drink is allowed in any area except designated social areas, unless prior written permission has been granted.