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Langar Church of England Primary School

Anti-Social Parking

We have received a serious complaint from a local resident about the on-going issues around anti-social parking at drop off and collection time. Parking has always been a contentious issue here, which is easily avoided with the availability of parking spaces at The Unicorns Head and outside of church.


The resident has sent me photographic evidence of a silver people carrier parked across the left hand lane at the end of Belvoir Crescent with wheels on the pavement and blocking the exit to the junction. Parking of this nature is anti-social and puts children and parents at risk. The resident has referred the matter to the police.  


Before the Christmas holidays an ambulance was unable to reach a house in Belvoir Crescent due to the number of cars parked inconsiderately. This will not be tolerated and actions are being considered to deal with this appropriately.