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Langar Church of England Primary School


As outlined in the newsletter, due to high levels of illness we have had exceptionally high figures of absence this term. The governor target for attendance is 97% and we were well below that this term at 89%. 


Whilst we have absolute sympathy for the reasons for these absences, which have affected staff too, we feel it is important to draw your children's attendance to your attention so that you have a full picture of their education this term. 


The letters are not sent with judgement and we encourage you to keep children who are unwell off school, however, it is imperative that you understand how extended periods of absence mean extended periods of missed learning. 


All children who have had attendance below 90% attendance will receive a letter reporting their attendance this term. There are a number of children who's attendance falls below 70%.


To give some context, children had 67 days of learning in school this term.


If children have attendance of 90%, they have missed 7 days of school.


If children have attendance of 80%, they have missed 13 days of school. 


If children have attendance of 70%, they have missed 20 days of school. The equivalent of four weeks. 


If children have attendance of 60%, they have missed 27 days. Just over five weeks. 


This figure does not include lateness, and we do have families who have persistent lateness, with some having missed the equivalent of one or two full days once the odd ten/fifteen minutes of lateness are added up. Again - this is not stated with judgement of your personal family circumstances, but for your child's welfare and to remind you that they should have access to the full education that they are entitled to. 


If there are any barriers that are preventing your child being in school on time, please speak to their teachers, or Mrs George, the Pastoral Lead.