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Langar Church of England Primary School

Concern - Planning Permission for a Mast on Muster Road

There is a proposal to build a high mast and structures on the verge at Langar Crossroads. I think it would impact on safety for pedestrians. This is obviously concerning as we are trying to improve the road safety at that crossing. 


There is alao a view that it may be damaging the phone and gas connections to Barnstone (major phone and gas connections run through there.

You can see lots of details on

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The closing date for public objections is 1st March, although
sometimes the deadline is extended and I think it will be for the next Parish Council meeting on 10th March (open to the public).

The Parish Council objected to a previous version, but the concerns have not apparently been addressed. They recommended a better and safer site in the middle of the parish near the bakery (Vale View). The proposed mast is supposed to benefit all of Langar cum Barnstone, but the borough and county councillors for Barnstone are not being consulted.


As a school, we are going to object the construction of the mast and would appreciate you adding your views via the planning portal too as these carry as much weight as any organisation.