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Langar Church of England Primary School

DFE Laptops

As you will have seen in the media, the government made a commitment to provide devices for schools to ensure no child was disadvantaged by a lack of technology to access home learning. We built a package of remote learning that did not rely fully on having a device to support this mission. 


I am delighted to share with you that we have been allocated five laptops by the DFE. Four of these have been delivered to school and we are awaiting the fifth. These are fully set up and waiting for children to use. 


We want to lend these laptops to families who most need it. We will allocate these laptops by appealing for two groups of people to come forward:


Families with more than two children trying to share a device.

Families who do not have a laptop or tablet and have been accessing the internet on a phone.


Please make yourselves known by emailing We truly want to support you by ensuring these laptops are given to the right children.