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Langar Church of England Primary School

End of Term Absences

Attendance at school is a partnership between school and parents. Ensuring your child's attendance demonstrates your commitment to this partnership. We know that there are, inevitably reasons why children are absent from school but we ask that you follow our procedures for reporting this. 


We have a high number of absences today, and some planned early collections of children. Many of the reasons given will mean these are logged as unauthorised and some have given no reason at all. 


For reasons other than illness or medical, such as taking your children away for long weekend, or to see Santa during the school day, you must complete a leave of absence form which is available  from the office or the website. 


Whilst normal lessons may not be in place for all classes today and tomorrow, learning opportunities have still been planned. 


Class 3 have been having a practical science day, looking at a range of soil samples which were provided by Mrs Scarborough from their farm land. Class 4 have a geography day covering half the objectives for the unit in one immersive day. Classes 1 and 2, having finished maths, English and phonics this morning are set for their wonderful party this afternoon.