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Langar Church of England Primary School

Greetings from Nyofella

It was wonderful to receive an email from Mori, the head teacher of Nyofella School, this morning. We will continue our friendship with them next year and will share their news with you.




Morri Nyassi the head teacher saying hello to you and all the staff at Langar school.


 We were very busy preparing our children for the national exams which was done on 26th and 27 the June. The results are use by the ministry of Education here to know how the teachers ate performing in their schools.  Thanks it was successfully done and we hope our children's results will be satisfactory.
Our children also went on an educational field trip to the country side to see for themselves what is been learnt in the classroom. Do your children do the same?


We are going to close school for the summer on July 19th here in The Gambia. How about you?


Best wishes. Some pictures of our school children on the trip.....