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Langar Church of England Primary School

Grown Up Week - Careers in the Pet Care Industry

We were very fortunate that our parents here have such a wide variety of jobs and careers! This week we have only managed to hear from a handful of them, though many more volunteered, and we would love to invite more of you in in the future. The week has truly inspired the children and made them consider the ways in which we are educating them in readiness for life in the adult world and the contributions their personal characteristics, skills and talents could contribute to society.


Today we welcomed Mr and Mrs Desforges who work for Waltham Petcare Science Institute . The children thoroughly enjoyed their talks and workshops exploring pet well-being,


Mr Desforges spoke to the children about sensory science -  how we and animals taste/smell and how this is used to understand whether dogs and cats like their food, the different smell/taste types - why some people like certain foods etc, and why cats can't taste sugar! Mrs Desforges gave a talk about what makes dogs and cats happy, how they live and what is important for their welfare.


The children were given cat and dog treats to take home of their pets!