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Half Term Homework

Hello friend!


As you may have heard, I'm a globetrotting cat and I send letters to my pen pals from all sorts of wonderful places. I love to explore everything that the world has to offer, from the cities to the deserts to the deep blue seas. Everywhere I go, I am amazed at how beautiful, interesting and precious our home is. Every person (and cat) is different to one another - from the places we live to the food that we eat; from the colour of our fur to the language we speak. But do you know what we ALL have in common? We live together on this BIG, AMAZING EARTH and it’s up to US to protect it! In this pack, you will find some brilliant ideas about what you can do to help care for our planet. Exploring the globe is heaps of fun – and looking after it is even better!


Your pal, Banjo x


PS Why not print this out double-sided if you can?


Banjo-3Rs.pdf (