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Langar Church of England Primary School

Health and Safety - Using School Grounds

The staff and children were shocked and shaken by an accident on the trim trail yesterday afternoon. Whilst playing a chasing game, a child hit their head on a plastic central bracket on the cross ropes which resulted in first aid being administered by Mr Owen-Jones, one of our paediatric first-aiders and seven stitches at the hospital.


These incidents are never taken lightly and as a staff we have looked at the hazards and considered whether the risk could be mitigated in future. 


The equipment is designed for children over the age of 5 years old, who can explore, climb and balance. It has a soft play surface surrounding every piece of equipment. Children are permitted to use the equipment during breaktimes when they are closely supervised. We do not feel there is anything else we can do to the equipment to make it safer. But we will do anything within our power to ensure the playground is a safe space to be and this has led us to reflect on the safety of the playground before and after school. 


I have asked you before, but appeal to you again:


  • Ensure your children stay with you before coming into school in the morning. Do not let them to go around the side of school or anywhere that is not visible to you. 
  • Encourage then to see this as 'getting ready ' time and not playtime.
  • Do not allow children to run around the playground. Especially around the maze benching and trim trail. 
  • Do not let them climb on benches or equipment, including the trim trail. 
  • Do not allow children to ride bikes or scooters in the playground.
  • After school, exit the grounds once you have collected your child so that the site can be secured for after school club. We are fortunate to have a fabulous playing field and encourage you to stay and socialise there. 


I never relish having to outline rules, but having experienced such an incident yesterday, it highlights the reality of why health and safety measures should be adhered to.