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Langar Church of England Primary School


We still have a high number of children, and now staff off with a flu virus. Staff who have it have a high temperature, aching body, sore throat, bad cough and sinus pain. The symptoms seem to come in waves and some of those staff thought they were on the mend last week only to have symptoms reappear over the weekend. 


We have also had a child with confirmed cases of Scarlet Fever. This is a contagious infection that is easily treatable, but which can in some cases be serious. You will also have heard on the news about the surge in cases of Strep A. 


The most common symptoms of Strep A are a sore throat, fever, red/sore tonsils, however in many cases this infection can occur without symptoms.


The most common symptoms of Scarlet Fever to look out for are flu-like symptoms (high temperature, sore throat) which then progress to a rash within 48 hours.


Please be vigilant for signs of infection in your child, and notify the school office should your child display these or if you are in doubt about whether or not to send them to school. 


A link to the NHS website for Scarlet Fever is attached for your reference: 

If your child is currently unwell, please allow them time to heal by keeping them at home.