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Langar Church of England Primary School


As you know, for the past few years our fundraising has gone towards buying a class set of I-Pads and laptops. We are so grateful for all your contributions to this, either through your involvement with The Friends, who have put on some brilliant social events, or your attendance and financial support at them.


We bought the laptops and I-Pads just before Christmas and now have them set up and being used in classes. Feedback from the children has been enthusiastic. They are much faster and reliable than the old ones, and have some cool features such as  a second mouse (via a red button in the middle of the keyboard) and a light up keyboard!


Unfortunately, two of our laptops have been broken by children today. This was intentional, as the second mouse has been picked out and removed. Staff and children are really upset by this, as I am sure you are, knowing they cost £400 each and the effort that went into raising the money.


I am reaching out to ask you to work with us to emphasise the respect and care needed by children when working with these expensive devices. It seems a good opportunity to remind the children of the Home/School Agreement and the responsibility they must take for their behaviour in school and how that affects others. 


Staff and children will be talking through this agreement tomorrow and it will be sent out for you to read and sign over the weekend. Please return them on Monday to demonstrate your commitment too.