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Langar Church of England Primary School

Lottery Bid - Multi-Purpose Track

We are putting together a bid for Lottery funding for playground equipment. In order to secure a successful bid, it is imperative that the equipment benefits the community as well as the pupils and adults in school.


I have considered the best place for any equipment to be and it seems that the field, which obviously can be accessed by the public outside of school hours, is the most suitable. My first idea was a shelter. The plus sides of which being that it would encourage use of the field and outdoor space in all weathers, it would be a good meeting place for any groups and could be utilised during school time for outdoor teaching. The downside is that it could have the potential to attract large unwanted groups and ant-social behaviour. I thought the community wouldn't want this.


My second idea was to install a multi-purpose track. This would be an all-weather 'running' track that would have clear signs to tell users how many laps they would need to do in order to complete a mile walk/run. The mile-a-day initiative has been widely publicised and we have had many parents asking about our willingness to take part in it before. The difficulty has always been where and when to do it. The track would offer an easy solution to this as families could complete the mile before or after school and even at the weekend alongside other members of the community as well as using at breaks, lunchtimes and during PE.


I am seeking your views on this and would be grateful if you would pass this questionnaire on to any friends, family or neighbours to widen our opinion seeking. Please return these by Monday 21st January so that we can get on with the bidding process. The questionnaire is saved in 'letters'.


Thank you for your support.