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Langar Church of England Primary School

Magical Maths Club

Professor Poopenshtinken had travelled 25 hours straight out of Eastern Europe when he spotted the school in the area beside the road looming with powerful presence in the cool air. He saw young pupils, not very old, ten or eleven at most, rushing around with a look of excitement. It was clear they were here for Magical Maths...

The Professor steered himself toward the school, and down to the room where many energetic youngsters were already waiting. After a few ground rules (like no pulling the Professor's hair), the children rotated through our three cracking activities. Week one of Magical Maths had begun, and here is the story of how it panned out...

The Biggest Number

For Key Stage One we kicked things off with a game consisting of using our bodies to make numbers. The children were in pairs or small groups and used their bodies to make the biggest number they could. Some did this standing, whereas others were lying down.


 Shape Bingo

A super fun game that helps with shape recognition. I hear there were some very close games this week, with some very impressive young mathematicians playing.



Fun and Games with Games Galore!

The final activity this week was all fun and games from our amazing 'Games Galore' activity pack. 

We played a game called 'Heads and Tails'. It has statistics and strategic themes, and sparked lots of competition within the group. We eventually whittled it down to just a few who did super-well!

A MAGICALLY good first week had by all. We're all math'd out now, and the Professor's taking a rest at the Holiday Inn before his flight home tomorrow morning.

See you next week (rumour has it our world class detective is coming to visit),

Tim Ford

Head of sorting travel arrangements for Professor Poopenshtinken.


P.S. - Our detective is called Stately Holmes - Stately's a relative of the famous Sherlock, and he has a reputation that's really building(!!)