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Langar Church of England Primary School

National Standardised Tests

We are approaching the time of year when our children undertake statutory tests. Your children are assessed on the core areas of learning that they have experienced throughout each Key Stage in the form of written papers.


Key Stage 1 assessments take place throughout May and Key Stage 2 papers are undertaken during the week beginning 13th May -  grammar, punctuation and spelling on Monday 13th, reading on Tuesday 14th and maths papers on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th .  Children in year 1 complete a phonics check during the week beginning 10th June.


These assessments provide an insight into your child's academic ability in relation to their peers nationally. However, this is only a very small part of the education we provide here at Langar. There is no test to capture the moment your child thoughtfully came to the staffroom sourcing an icepack for an injured friend, the elation they felt scoring a goal for our school football team, the joy of handing over funds raised for their house charity. The Department of Education will not publish data that shows how well our children behave, how articulate they are, how many of them play an instrument or take part in an extra-curricular activity. Their ability to dance, garden, speak French, map read, model make or draw won't be celebrated nationally either. But it will here.


So we implore you - encourage your children to do their best - but do not lose sight of all the best bits of them.