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Langar Church of England Primary School

One Foot in Front of the Other

I just wanted to send out a little message of positivity following the speech by Boris Johnson today that may have left many of you feeling daunted about the weeks to come. 


This year is a far cry from the one we had planned, a million miles away from what we imagined when we returned to school in September, and unrecognisable to our past selves looking forward in to the future. Each date that passes reminds me of things that took place this time last year and serve as a stark reminder of the length of time this has all been going on.  The sacrifices we have all had to make and the challenges we have faced are starting to mount up and I know, like the staff here, you are feeling jaded and tired.


The multiple roles we are juggling - caring for and worrying about our elderly parents, caring for and educating our children, fulfilling the responsibilities of our employment - coupled with a lack of social contact, breaks and activities in our week and outlets to 'let your hair down', are taking a huge toll on mental health. I empathise.


I want to reach out to you all now to tell you how well you are doing. 


The work set each week is to provide your children with consistent and high quality opportunities for education. All subjects are catered for and the curriculum remains as broad and balanced as ever. We have been amazed by your response and engagement with this.  Your children are learning and making progress! Work being handed in is of such a high standard and it should be celebrated.


But I want to give you permission to take your foot off the pedal. The stipulation for schools is to provide between 3 and 4 hours of remote learning a day. We are giving you above and beyond this because we do not want to narrow our curriculum. But it may not suit you all. If your child is struggling to complete all the tasks set, if you aren't able to start home learning until 11.00am, if you have to join in the Zoom call while your child eats lunch - then so be it! We will not judge you. We want children returning when we reopen to all happy, settled and confident.


So do not feel alone. You are not. We are still here and ready to support you, as always.


Just keep going, we are nearly there - one foot in front of the other.