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Langar Church of England Primary School

Outdoor Learning at Langar Primary School


We have two exciting new projects to share with you and ask for your help with!




The Outdoor Learning Club, together with Year 5 have started to talk about using Eco Bricks to build structures in and around school.  Based on the fantastic research that Year 5 did the Outdoor Learning Club wish to build a raised plant border around the vegetable patch – a starter project! This will allow us to have a defined walking and planting area.


Can you help us by making an Ecobrick at home?


What will you need?


An empty and clean 2 litre plastic single use pop or water bottle

A long implement to push the waste in (stick or paint brush)

Clean and dry waste


What can I put in my Ecobrick?


Plastic bags, photo paper, straws, food containers, plastic cutlery, cling film, plastic fruit and vegetable packaging – larger plastic items may need cutting into smaller pieces

X Metal, paper, card, food waste or glass


The Outdoor Learning Club started to make some Ecobricks this week – it was quite tricky to get the waste material in – so you really need a long stick to be able to get every gap filled so it is packed tightly.


                ! Please make sure you weigh your brick before bringing into school – it needs to be strong   

                 enough!  A 2 Litre bottle should weigh no less than 660g.


Please bring to Mrs George when done – thank you so much!


Plastic Bottle Greenhouse Alert



The Outdoor Learning Club are going to build a Greenhouse made out

of plastic bottles. 


Can you help us by collecting your empty 2 litre pop/water bottles? 


There is a black circular bin to the side of the main school bins in the car

park – if you could leave your bottles in there for us we would be very

grateful – we probably need around 1000!


In addition can you help by donating any unwanted wooden pallets or bricks for the frame and base?  Please talk to Mr McMillan if you can help with this.