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Langar Church of England Primary School


I have been contacted by a parent and Sharpes bus company about parking. These are their messages. Please note and take immediate action when coming to school this afternoon. 


"Parking around the school is becoming increasingly dangerous and irresponsible. I’ve seen cars parked on the zigzag lines a couple of times over the last two weeks but thankfully this is unusual. I’m finding the parked car on the junction of Belvoir Crescent and Barnstone Road really dangerous as we have to walk into the road to see if cars are coming. We also have to walk through and around these cars whilst they are manoeuvring on the junction. This was particularly dangerous when visibility was poor due to the heavy rain.


There is plenty of space to park along Main Street in Langar (including the pub) but parents seem unwilling to walk a few seconds more. Last week at the Harvest event at the church, I watched as some parents drove from the church to the roads outside the school. One parent did this and parked on the zigzag lines outside the school."


"I have spoken to the school a couple of weeks ago about the inconsiderate parking by parents on the afternoon pickup. We operate a bus service 656 via Langar, and it is becoming a major issue with parents parking. Whilst we are only a bus service operator, it remains a fact that the road-way should be sufficiently clear to all road uses, but especially to allow unfettered access for the emergency services.  I have attached a video and photos of the parking and the restrictions it is imposing on our drivers that have to navigate a commercial vehicle passed the school.


Please can we address the issue as a matter of urgency, as its fast becoming a point in time where our drivers will refuse to drive through Langar, in fear of either damaging the bus or someone else’s vehicle."