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Langar Church of England Primary School

Pupil Numbers and Spaces Available

We are receiving phone calls from parents already who are wanting to look around school with a view to their child starting reception next September! Please share this flier with anyone, in or out of catchment, who has a child of that age.


tour-flier-2023.pdf (


We also have spaces in some of our year groups for children moving into the area or wishing to transfer from another school. These spaces are in current reception, one space in year 2, five spaces in year 3, towospaces in year 4 and five spaces in year 5. Year 6 is full. 


It is important we fill these spaces as our funding next year is calculated on the number of children in school on the day of the census in November. A drop in funding can be detrimental, as it means we have to pull back on resources we are able to buy, experiences we can pay for and ultimately, staffing levels. Therefore, we are appealing to you to spread the word and promote the school!