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Langar Church of England Primary School


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning is a weekly session as part of our enrichment afternoon. The year groups taking part in each activity (cooking, French, dance, outdoor learning and swimming) are published at the end of each term in readiness for the new term ahead (e.g. on the December newsletter), this information is also on our website on the 'curriculum' pages. A wide variety of activities take place outdoors with Mrs George whatever the weather and ,although mostly planned in advance, can be spontaneous depending on what the environment and weather has to offer that day. Children must be suitably dressed in order to make the most of the learning opportunities on offer. This will require a change of clothes, extra layers when cold and a pair of wellies - much the same as if you were planning a day out as a family to a country park.



We would love to welcome you to our Christingle service tomorrow. This is being led by year 6 at 2.30 in church. Children are invited to make a Christingle at home to bring in tomorrow morning. We will transport them to church, where they will be lit on trays during the service before being distributed back out to children at the end of the day.


French Club

French club is cancelled next week.


Rattle and Roll - Baby and Toddler Music Class

There are spaces available in the baby and toddler music class that runs on Thursday mornings at 10.00 during term time. This is a wonderful class and an opportunity to get pre-school children used to coming into school. Feedback from Pre School Learning Alliance, who come through for a session following the public one, speak highly of Shona who leads it and the way in which she captivates the children. There is no need to book the session, you can just turn up next week.



Deposits for the year 5/6 residential must be paid, via SQuid, by 31st January in order to secure our booking at the Youth Hostel.


Shanghai Maths Exchange

The children in classes 2 and 4 have made us very proud this week. Having been taught maths by Mr Vincent and Mr Xie since Monday they were then observed by 40 visiting teachers from the East Midlands yesterday and another 26 today! They have remained completely unfazed and have amazed the visiting teachers with their positive attitudes, willingness to contribute to discussion and confident calculation and problem solving skills. We are set to host more teachers over the coming days and look forward to sharing with them our Mastery Maths approach and the impact this has had on our children.