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Langar Church of England Primary School


We always take hygiene very seriously at school and particularly in the current climate with the risk of the Coronavirus. We are encouraging and promoting regular handwashing and have provided hand sanitiser at various points around school for children to use if they wish.
It was noted today that some parents have sent children to school with their own sanitiser. Some of these products contain alcohol which is not permitted in school as it does not meet our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations as it  provides risk to children.
However, we understand that parents wish to mitigate risk to children's health and promote cleanliness and high levels of hygiene. We are happy for you to send non-alcohol based hand sanitiser with your child if you wish. It must be in the original container, labelled clearly with your child's name and your child must only use it on themselves.  The bottle must be kept in a central place in the classroom and with the full knowledge of your child's teacher - please let them know that your child has it with them.
We thank you for your on-going support and applaud your common sense approach to the unfolding situation.