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Langar Church of England Primary School

School Site Safety

As we enter into the final week of the year, routines can begin to relax. We appeal to you to show the same level of thought, respect and care as you have done all year. We saw some potentially dangerous situations yesterday as children and parents were exiting the school site.


Many children were seen unsupervised and out of sight of parents on and near class 2 equipment, in flower beds and in the orchard.  A clear pathway is provided for you and your children to walk around the school building - this does not go up and around the planter outside of class 1, behind the music room or up through the orchard. Please ensure your children stick to these pathways. Hours of work has gone into developing the school grounds which is now getting broken and trampled by your children after school. 


A number of children make their way round to the car park and remain there unaccompanied until their parents follow them round. I have seen these children running and hiding in amongst parked cars.  Although the likelihood is that staff cars will remain in the bays until long after children have left the site, we have deliveries arriving at all hours of the day. 


To prevent a fatal accident - please ensure you are accompanying your child at all times following collection and keeping to the paths to exit. You must have full sight of your children and control of them as you move through the school site.