Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Your Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Brown, Mrs Richardson and Mrs George. Get in touch with any concerns.
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Langar Church of England Primary School

Site Safety

Thank you all so much for the way in which you have taken on board our arrangements to further safeguard your children by altering the timings of the gate in the morning. This morning though we had an incident which highlighted the very reason we need to constantly review our safeguarding arrangements and make adjustments, and we ask you to support further measures we now need to take.


Having said goodbye in the playground to the parent, a child walked out of the gate and off site this morning. This was very alarming for all concerned and left staff and the parent extremely distressed. 


We have gathered as a staff and reflected on ways in which we can mitigate this risk in future. It is paramount that you understand these measures, the roles of staff and the part we are asking you to play.



The gate opens at 8.40am and closes at 8.50am. During this period Mrs Petchell is on the KS1 door to meet and greet and take any messages for class teachers. Mrs Richardson, Mrs Lark, Mrs Sellars and Mrs Male are in the classroom; greeting children and settling them in to the activity they have set. Mrs George is near the KS2 doors to meet and greet and take messages for class teachers. Mr Owen-Jones and Mrs Turner are greeting and starting teaching with children entering the classroom. Mrs Farmer (our caretaker) is on the gate to ensure it is open and closed in a timely manner and Mrs Brown is on the playground to over see the smooth start to the day and meet and greet our families. 


There may be times when we have to make changes to these arrangements, for example when one of us is in a meeting, on a course or indeed in a conversation with a parent or child. 



We recognise that children in key stage two are maturing and parents may choose not come onto the school site in the morning. We accept that this is a great way of fostering independence in readiness for secondary school. 


Children in key stage 1, need to be accompanied to the door where they can be warmly welcomed by their teacher into class to start their learning. 


We appreciate that in the lower end of school parents need to pass on messages and talk more frequently to staff. We would ask you to wait until Mrs Petchell is free and do this once your child has gone into school. If you need a more lengthy conversation, please come round to reception. 


End of the Day 

To continue to safeguard in this manner, we have made adjustments to the end of the day too.


The gate will be opened just prior to 3.20pm by Mrs Farmer, who will remain on the gate until she closes it at 3.30pm.


To ensure the safe dismissal of your children, we implore you to make your way to your child's classroom door or designated area; make yourself visible and known. Your child will only be handed over to you when you come forward to collect them. It has become increasingly difficult for teachers to do this confidently when parents stand some distance from them. 


Class 3 and 4 parents need to be outside their respective child's classroom door. Class 2 parents should wait in the half of the playground in front of the shed and class 1 parents should stand in front of the door that they exit out of. If you have children in multiple classes, please collect younger children first and then come into sight of your older child's teacher. 


Should you wish your key stage 2 child to walk home alone, ensure this has been communicated in writing via the office. We will not permit them to leave the site otherwise. Should you make an arrangement for another parent to collect your child, again, ensure this is clearly communicated with the school prior to 3.20pm if possible. 


Exit the site as soon as you have collected your child to assist with the dismissal of the rest of the class. 


At 3.30pm, Mrs Farmer will close and lock the gate in readiness for after school clubs to take place safely. 


Whilst these measures may sound rather prescriptive, we would not wish any parent to be in the position where their child's safety is compromised. We will do anything we can to prevent that and trust that you will support us.