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Langar Church of England Primary School

Welcome Back

It has been lovely to welcome your children back to school today. They settled brilliantly and the atmosphere has been calm and productive.



Over the holidays, I had correspondence with a local resident 

who has become increasingly distressed about the poor parking around school. He states: 


Too often there are cars double parked on the pavement and across drives. The worse situation is when cars are parked on the road corners. This triggers many potential dangers for drivers and for the children getting in and out of the cars, for the sake of walking just a few metres.


Yesterday our wheelie bins were not collected because the dustcart could not get down our road. This highlights a more important consideration of easy access for the emergency services. We have several elderly people living in Belvoir Crescent who may need an ambulance at any time of the day.


A simple solution would be to use The Unicorn’s Head car park. A 2 - 3 minute walk away. I know the previous landlord had often said he had no problem with parents using his car park.


Your cooperation would be appreciated and may save injuries or something worse.


Please take heed.