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Langar Church of England Primary School

Parental Questionnaire

Thank you so much for taking the time to express your views on the questionnaires, sent our following parent consultation. These are such a helpful insight into your feelings and thoughts about the work we do here, and most importantly, the happiness, well-being and education of your children.


We received responses from just under 50% of our families.


The feedback was positive about the new style parent consultations. Parents commented that they appreciated the involvement of the children, that the teachers knew the children very well and gave constructive feedback and that it provided a calm environment to look at the children's work.


We have taken on board your helpful and constructive criticism: Some parents felt it lacked privacy in the hall and one family felt that it took up family time as it was held on an INSET day. We hope to alleviate these issues for the next one, which, although held in the hall, will ensure space is used wisely so that waiting parents can not listen in to conversations. It will also be held on a school day as we appreciate INSET days are often precious family time.


100% of responses to the following OFSTED questions were positive:


My child is happy at school

My child feels safe at this school

My child makes good progress at this school

My child is well looked after at this school

My child is taught well at this school

This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved

The school is well managed

The school responds well to any concerns I raise

I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress


And all would recommend the school to another parent.


20% of parents did not respond to 'the school deals with bullying effectively'. But added that they had no experience of this.


3% of parents disagreed that their child 'receives appropriate homework for their age' commenting that they should be given more. However, this was contradicted by others saying that the children receive too much homework as it can feel like they are 'over-loaded'.


It was a pleasure to read the comments left in the feedback with staff being praised for the 'teaching and care' they give the children and the 'wonderful learning environment' they provide.


Have a read of some of these comments:


"My child gives the school 10/10!"


"Our children are happy and have made lots of progress at this school."


"Staff are always available to answer questions."


"Keep up the fantastic work you do."


"The children are looked at as individuals which has made their confidence grow."


"The school has high expectations and the pupils strive to meet these with the encouragement of the staff."


"A great team of teachers and TAs."


"Mrs Selby provides great school dinners that the children  appreciate and enjoy."


Thank you for your on-going support! We look forward to finding out your views on residential trips, so please return your questionnaires asap.